Nymphs are fey who take the form of beautiful humanoids with elven features and watch over natural areas of splendour and beauty, which are always more scenic and pristine than normal. They often become subjects of art, but artists who seek to earn a nymph's favour should ensure that she is satisfied with the result, lest she feel insulted and lash out with magic.

Many have lost their lives in vain search of the beauty of the nymph, and many more to the madness and obsession their grace has upon minds and bodies unprepared for their companionship. Yet the nymph herself is not a cruel creature—a guardian of nature’s purest places and most beautiful realms, she treats those who respect her and her abode with kindness, and may even favor someone who takes her fancy with magical gifts. Yet those who would seek to abuse or harm her or her home quickly find that behind her beauty is a fierce protector more than capable of defending her charge.

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