Resembling pale-green crystal more than metal, noqual can be
worked as easily as iron. Noqual’s crystalline structure gives a
strength that belies its surprisingly low weight. This starmetal
is strangely resistant to magic, and is commonly used in binders
and manacles intended to confine spellcasting prisoners and
in gear intended for use in magic-laden environments. Objects
fashioned from noqual gain a +4 bonus to saving throws against
magical effects.

Weapons and ammunition made of noqual sap magic from
the target, dealing additional damage to creatures largely
derived from magical effects. Noqual weapons and ammunition
gain a +1 enhancement bonus to damage rolls against
magical constructs, magically created undead, and creatures
summoned by magic. For melee weapons, this enhancement
bonus increases by 1 for every 6 item levels the weapon has,
up to +4 at 18th level; this enhancement bonus increase does
not apply to ammunition.

Noqual can be woven into armor composite. Wearing armor
with noqual in it grants you a +1 enhancement bonus to saving
throws against magical effects. However, if you cast spells while
wearing noqual armor, you treat your caster level as 1 lower
when determining the range and duration of your spells and for
caster level checks.

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