Nibirans are a species descended from vulture-like scavengers. Regardless of technological advancements, most likely accelerated by an enigma located in their homeworld, the nibirans are still what their ancestors were – opportunistic carrion-eating scavengers.

The nibirans look like beak-faced rats walking on two legs. They have a prehensile tail that can be used to grab things or to assist in climbing, and leathery webs between their arms and torsos. They can use these vestigial wings to slow falls and glide for short distances if wearing no armor.

The nibirans are known for their advanced optical camouflages and portable deflector barrier technology, but besides this, their technology is mostly reverse engineered from other cultures. The nibirans are excellent scavengers and pilots. This is the likely reason why many nibirans work in salvage crews or enlist as pilots for exploration missions.

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