Neskintis are intelligent, arboreal, nature-worshipping primates native to the lush planet of Gjor III. They are officially designated as second-class citizens by the Aventi Star Empire.

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Neskintis inhabit the high canopies of the jungles that fill the continents of Gjor III, almost never visiting the ground. Naturally omnivorous, neskintis have become herbivores by tradition. They mature at 20 and naturally live up to 120 years.


Neskintis revere nature spirits, chief among them Nesk, who granted them intelligence and dominion over the enormous trees of Gjor III. These nature spirits are said to live in all objects, and neskintis nurture the trees in obeisance to them, building expansive hanging settlements. Some neskintis have extended this faith to Lissala, the patron goddess of the Azlanti Star Empire.

Neskintis had difficulty adapting to the Azlanti Star Empire. Most, but certainly not all, are content to serve the Azlanti as ecologists, which they consider an extension of their divine mandate. Neskintis are befuddled by technology and most of their villages remain technology-free, though those that visit the empire find it difficult to return to this old simple life.

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