A necrovite is an undead spellcaster from the planet Eox who has stored his soul in a technomagical device called an electroencephalon.


A necrovite resembles an emaciated corpse with glowing flames in its eye sockets.[1]


The ancient inhabitants of Eox, known as the elebrians, made war on their two neighboring planets in the distant past, destroying both in the process. The backlash of the attack destroyed all life on Eox, forcing its inhabitants to turn to necromancy to survive. They mixed the magical methods of becoming a lich with their own advanced technology and created the first necrovites. These necrovites, along with their fellow ex-elebrians who had achieved undeath via other means become the first of the bone sages, the new rulers of Eox.[2]

Becoming a necrovite

Becoming a necrovite is a long and arduous process, but the crux of the ritual involves extracting the spellcaster’s consciousness and soul and imprisoning them in a technomagical relic called an electroencephalon. The spellcaster dies but becomes undead, and as long as her electroencephalon remains intact she can continue her existence without fear of the passage of time.

In addition to constructing an electroencephalon to house her soul, a prospective necrovite must also research and learn the proper ritual to transfer her life force into the receptacle and prepare her body for the transformation into undeath. This ritual is unique to each body and soul—what works for one necrovite will not work for another—and likely has deleterious effects. The exact methods for each spellcaster’s transformation into a necrovite are left to the GM’s discretion, but the process should involve expenditures of hundreds of thousands of credits, multiple dangerous quests, and many difficult skill checks over the course of months, years, or decades.

The above stat block represents an elebrian necrovite but other races can become necrovites as well, using the template graft in the sidebar.

An integral step in becoming a necrovite is the creation of the electroencephalon in which the aspirant stores her consciousness and soul. The only way to truly destroy a necrovite is to locate and destroy her electroencephalon; otherwise, the necrovite simply regenerates, awakening fully healed 1d10 days later. Not even disintegrating a necrovite’s corpse or flinging it into a sun can destroy it—so long as the electroencephalon remains unharmed. This is one reason why many necrovites not only keep their electroencephalons hidden but build secret bunkers to house them, stocked with whatever they might need to rebuild and take revenge on their killers.

Each necrovite must craft her own unique electroencephalon, which is a hybrid item with a level equal to the character’s caster level at the time of creation. The character must be a spellcaster and have a caster level of 7th or higher.

Creating an electroencephalon otherwise follows the normal rules for crafting equipment. The cost to create an electroencephalon varies between individual creators and should be determined by the GM, but it is roughly equivalent to the price of a small arm with an item level equal to the creator’s caster level.

Abilities & equipment

Necrovites can rejuvenate their destroyed physical form in about a week as long as their electroencephalon has not been destroyed. They emit a fatiguing aura and can easily dominate most other undead creatures.[1]

Necrovites often carry a Eoxian wrackstaff, a hybrid weapon used by the ancient elebrian leaders to keep their populace in line.[2]

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