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Affiliation VoidCorp

Nariac - Communist society that evolved on harsh worlds. Cybernetics and body modification is very prominent in this society. Allegiance to the state is their primary virtue. Since the GW2, VoidCorp has been slowly making Nariac a client state, while the Nariac have been trying to become more independent.

Death World: quite hostile but human technology ameliorates the worst of the effects. Living there isn't easy, but can be done. Given enough time, the Death World aspects can be completely overcome. Naria, the capital of the Nariac Domain stellar nation, started out as a Death World, but is now one of the most developed planets in Old Space.

Dirty Communists: The Nariac Domain. Dirty cybernetic space communists, to be specific.
Dystopia: VoidCorp. Some would argue that the Hatire Community, Thuldan Empire, Nariac Domain, and Rigunmor Star Consortium fulfill this trope. There's also Lucullus, in the Verge.

Nariac Domain: Dirty Communists with an interest in cybernetics.

The galaxy needs equality. Who has not heard the cries of men and women for the end of inequalities? ask the Nariac’s. Inequalities of species, gender, and social rank. Only the Nariac Domain promises a life without such human pettiness and short-sightedness. No, life in the Domain is not perfect and often isn’t easy. Life will always force struggle upon those who want to succeed, but at least among the Nariac’s you know that you work alongside brothers and sisters for an equal division of the fruits of your labor.

Officially, no ruler stands over the Nariac Domain. All Nariac citizen-workers are equal. This equality is preserved by the simple fact that private ownership does not exist in any form. Competition, independent corporations, and private enterprise remain forbidden through all Nariac reaches. Instead, the Nariac state makes all decisions for the economy. Both selling and buying prices are fixed by central planners. Quotas for production are mandated for each factory and source of production. All transactions are authorized and monitored by the state economic AI’s. Those who deal with foreign powers or traders are especially scrutinized. Rigorous educational testing places each Nariac in a field suited to his or her ability.
In Nariac society, the government bureaucracy is merely another source of production, at least in name. Centuries ago, the Nariac assertion that members of the government bureaucracy held no more rights or claims may have been true. Today, as an instrument of the Nariac will, the government bureaucracy must act to preserve the integrity of the society and the well-being of all. Cybertechnology is the Nariac solution. Originally employed to multiply the labor capital of an underpopulated society, today cybertechnology keeps order throughout the Nariac Domain. Implants monitor the activity of Nariac citizen-workers, and only a few refugees of the Nariac Domain are without cybernetic implants. Nowhere is the tendency toward implantation more evident than on the Nariac’s homeworld, Naria. There, the Domain has encouraged the development of cybertechnology as an art form.
Nariac military forces are strong, and the Domain’s emphasis on heavy industry and cybernetics has made its armed forces mighty. Although military service is no longer mandatory, the Nariac army remains a popular choice among the stellar nation’s younger generation. After a few years of service, enlistees can retire and keep their military-grade cyberware. Eleven fortress ships serve the Domain, including the famous NDS People’s Justice.
Since the conclusion of the War, Nariac relations with other nations have grown more unsure. After the Insight secession, VoidCorp’s control over the Nariac Domain has waned. VoidCorp executives still make pointed suggestions about the Domain’s foreign policy. Most Nariac’s look forward to a day when VoidCorp is driven from their nation. The Nariac Domain’s links to other stellar nations are neutral at best. The enemies of past wars hold to their hostile attitudes.
Recently, the Domain appears to have given up on conquering the stellar nations directly. Today, the goal of the Nariac seems to be the subversion of the stellar nations and the Concord. Nariac envoys travel far and wide to speak to the workers of foreign powers, inspiring them to seek out better conditions and better government. None of the stellar nations has yet to view the activity as a serious threat. The Nariac’s view their toil as laying the groundwork for the interstellar revolution of the masses. On that grand day, human and alien alike shall stand together for a better future.
The Domain has no holdings in the Verge; its colony in the Ptolemy system has regressed into piracy and resists all appeals to return to the fold of Nariac society. Nariac efforts are currently centered on securing the rights to the moons of Pox, a gas giant in the StarMech-controlled Tendril system.

An individual Nariac – the idea is alien, bordering upon the absurd. Just as the Domain rewards each of its worker-citizens with a livelihood, employment, and a place to live, the Nariac contribute their skills and hard labor for the betterment of the whole. The Domain legally owns all material goods, individual citizens only register use of objects, land, and other possessions. Cybertechnology prevents any organized disruption of the Domain. Of course, most Nariac understand the necessity for such precautions: Humanity is filled with those who wish to harm the Domain. Nariacs understand that once the galaxy is united, the true utopia will issue forth. For this reason, Nariacs travel far from home and family and the comfortable order, to risk their lives to educate the workers of the galaxy.

Nariacs begin play with one free item of cyber gear worth $5000 or less – and with a free implanted security monitor that reports their movements to the Domain. These implants do not count against the heroes’ cyber tolerance score.

If you believe in equality among sentients throughout the universe and are hopped up on some pretty awesome cybertech, then you might be a Nariac.

Population: 636 Billion Sentients
Founding Year: 2267
GW2 Alliance: Expansion Pentad
Capital World: Naria
Dominant Faith: Religion is a practice ridiculed and nearly nonexistent.
Notable Locations: Efforts centered on securing the rights to the moons of Pox, a gas giant in the StarMech-controlled Tendril system in the Verge.

When a band of rugged colonists landed on the harsh world of Naria, they had no choice but to unite for survival. What evolved was a slowly explanding community built around equal division of labor. For the longest time the Nariacs thrived without any form of governing body. No sentient was counted above the rest. Each performed their labors of the whole, and each got their equal share. This started as a need to survive but as the influence grew larger, it became an ideology. All Nariacs firmly believe true equality to be the secret to peace and prosperity. Once all is in a union, a utopia can then flourish. Personal property and ownership are a thing of the past. All belongs to the community. Competition, independent corporations, and private enterprises remain forbidden throughout Nariac reaches.

Due to the homeworld of Naria being metal rich and the very strong work ethic of Nariacs, they found a formidable strength during the galactic wars, especially among their allies. Rigorous educational testing places each Nariac in a field suited to his or her ability, even military. Young Nariacs serve a term obediently and they get to keep their military grade cybernetics. The domain has encouraged the development of cybertechnology, and it has grown to an art form. It was adopted originally to help aid labor and has since grown to a dependency and completely acceptable practice. It's also the domain's solution in keeping order. Implants monitor the activity of Nariac citizen-workers and only a few refugees are without the implants. This helps prevent any organized disruption of the domain, but this invasive presense, and utter lack of privacy, is something that even the Nariacs sometimes have difficulty dealing with.

An individual Nariac, the idea is alien, bordering on the obsurd. To describe a Nariac is to describe a member of a thriving community. Each worker-citizen is rewarded with a livelihood, employment, and place to live. The Nariacs contribute their skills and hard labor for the betterment of the whole. In a community where there is no individual property, greed becomes pointless. They believe they have found the perfect system for the betterment of life. Workers of the galaxy, unite!

More than any other people, Nariacs are immersed in technology. Cool metallic surfaces surround the Nariac child, and joining the Nariac nation always entails the integration of circuitry into skin. A player may choose to be a Nariac for his/her race (human only) during character creation. In doing so they begin play with one free piece of cybertech. This piece does not count toward Cykosis or reduce his/her Empathy score. Unfortunately this cybertech also includes an implanted security monitor that reports their movements to the Domain.

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