Emperor Mezzenbone
Biographical Information
Homeworld ?
Location of Birth ?
Date of Birth ?
Physical Description
Species Red Dragon
Gender Male
Height ?
Mass ?
Hair Color ?
Eye Color ?
Skin Color ?
Family Information
Family Members ?
Chronological and Political Information
Affiliations Dragon Empire

Mezzenbone is the current Dragon Emperor, a Red Dragon of immense might and evil disposition. He sometimes travels on board the Maleficant, one of the few remaining Dreadnought class ships.

Mezzenbone views himself as unto a god and the center of the universe.

Emperor Mezzenbone has been the highest authority within the chromatic dragons of Asamet for five thousand years, and while he didn't abolish civil rights and declare himself ruler for life upon ascending to the Imperial throne like many feared he would he's still as cruel and sadistic as they come, sending his Secret Police and personal assassins to eliminate threats to his reign and ordering mass exterminations of Outlands worlds that are particularly bothersome (if you're compliant he's only slightly nicer to you).

Mezzenbone revels in slaughter, the horror of the Dragon War was paradise for him.

Whenever a new world is incorporated into the Empire its leaders are made to offer up able-bodied men and women to the Imperial Legions for a five-year tour of duty, a practice introduced in later years by Mezzenbone.

The dragon at the top of the Imperial hierarchy. Each Imperial House (there's one for each of the ten major colors of dragons) reigns for a full millennium before handing over power to the next, and appoints a member of the house to the position. Should an emperor die or otherwise be found incapable of ruling before the thousand-year term is up their House appoints a new one. The current emperor, Mezzenbone, is a particularly cruel red dragon 40 years into his reign as the first chromatic to hold the coveted position.

Thought the lack of martial law and mass executions meant Mezzenbone maybe wasn't such a bad guy after all? Then stop that, because it's all just a part of his catastrophic plan millennia in the making. If he succeeds, worlds will burn and billions will perish as the galaxy is once more plunged into the abyss of absolute destruction.

Emperor Mezzenbone has a crack team of assassins known (though not by many) as the Black Talon at his disposal.

Drow, on the other hand, are Emperor Mezzenbone's favorite non-dragons and make up his Secret Police. Under the scourge of chromatic dragons common elves have it rough, especially with the particular dislike green dragons hold for elves and fey.

There's always been an Imperial Police, but Mezzenbone went a step further and introduced a drow-staffed Imperial Special Police Directorate.

A planet destroyed by order of Mezzenbone was named Khazad.

Lord Shul, a half-black dragon Yuan-Ti assassin, leads the Adamantine Order agency and has the favor of Emperor Mezzenbone. Shul's former subordinate, the drow Avix Vazenorn, serves a similar role as leader of the Emperor's Secret Police.

Rumors say that the death of Asamet's blue king Lazalius during the last stages of the Dragon War was caused by his successor and the current emperor, Mezzenbone.

The Dragon Empire is a huge bureaucracy, ruled over by the ten houses of dragons, five chromatic and five metallic, led by Mezzenbone, a red dragon of immense might and evil disposition, who sometimes travels on board The Maleficant, one of the few remaining immense Dreadnought class warship spacecraft.

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