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Marrowblights are muscular
undead monstrosities filled
with hate. They typically arise from
brawny humanoids that were exposed
to strange radiation or arcane energy
that painfully warped their flesh at the moments
of demise, creating hideous bone spurs that protrude
from the creatures’ backs, cheeks, jaws, and shoulders.
Marrowblights can use these spurs as weapons, as they
drip with the disease that courses through the creature’s
undead bones like marrow.

Scientifically advanced planets, such as Eox in the
Pact Worlds, have pinpointed the biology-warping processes
required to create marrowblights, and some elebrians have
willingly succumbed to this horrific undead fate. On Eox,
naturally occurring marrowblights created during the
planet’s cataclysm still exist. These are typically among
the universe’s most vicious and hateful undead, eschewing
society and living creatures in particular. Sometimes, though,
such marrowblights ally with forces that seek to assert and
spread the superiority of undead creatures throughout the
universe and beyond, including the Corpse Fleet and those
who sympathize with the exiled navy.

Marrowblights are typically 8 to 10 feet tall—including the
horrific bone spurs that protrude from their backs—and weigh
upward of 300 pounds.

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