Manifest Zone

Manifest zones are certain locations that share a particularly close connection with one of the outer planes within the astral sea. Within a manifest zone, the area takes on properties of that plane; for instance, a manifest zone with a link to the Plane of Ice may make the area much colder than under normal circumstances. Manifest zones also allow passage between one plane and the next; though for some zones this may only be a one-way trip.

The effects of a manifest zone may fluctuate. However, even at its weakest, a manifest zone still has great effects.

Manifest zones may be located in the air, in the ground, or even deep within a planet. Manifest zones, are extremely long lasting, if not permanent; though it is remotely possible for an old zone to disappear and a new zone to appear. Zones can also range in size from the small (encompassing a city block) to the larger (encompassing a large forest), or even massive zones encompassing several star systems. The locations of these manifest zones do not follow any scheme and scholars have failed to detect a pattern to their location.

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