Louhos are an underground-dwelling alien species with a knack for fine craftsmanship and trading. On average, louhos are a bit shorter than baseliners, and have a strong, muscular build and a thick hide. As the louhos age, their hide will thicken, eventually forming a hard turtle or armadillo-like carapace on their backs. Their skin color and carapace offer natural camouflage in rocky terrain.

Louhos were enslaved by humans a long time ago, before the founding of the Consortium. For the most of humankind this is ancient history, but because of their long lifespan and strong tradition in passing down knowledge to the younger generations, the louhos have not forgotten the cruelties humans committed on their people.

Despite the fact that louhos are usually honorable and polite, they can be distrustful and aloof towards most humans. Surprisingly, this unwelcoming behavior does not seem to concern the nomad clans.

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