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Planet are categorized in the following classes:

  • Terrestrial
  • Gas Giant
  • Oceanic

Galactic Concord

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(Orion League, Borealis Republic, Insight, Galactic Concord, Union of Sol)

Drow Triumvirate

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Golar Pact Worlds

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Rigunmor Star Consortium

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(Austin-Ontris Unlimited, Rigunmore Star Consortium)

Shadari Confederacy

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T'sa Cluster

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Thuldan Empire

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(Thuldan Empire, Hatire Community, Star Mech)


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Taru Seco
Daegox 4
Egypt world
viking world
mayan world
china world
dinosaur world
ancient station on the edge of a black hole
space whale nebula
ocean world
space miner world
demon world
casablanca station
spacethulhu world
giant computer planet
space vampire planet
giger planet
radioactive wasteland planet
space hippie planet
old west world
city of endless towers planet
living planet
space vegas
man ape planet
war eternal planet
gas giant with floating cities

Yet to be discovered

Quorlosh (the Vast)
Lajok (a dying world)


  • Abbith is a planet that revolves around seven stars behind Xoth. It is inhabited by metallic brains, wise with the ultimate secrets of the universe. Nyarlathotep dwells or is imprisoned on this planet.
  • Bel Yarnak is a world beyond Betelgeuse and the giant suns on which Iod is worshipped. In fact the planet is unnamed, and Bel Yarnak is the main city, but there is no reason why the planet cannot be so termed. The city of towers and minarets, the reptilian Galaks are used as beasts of burden, and the city is famed for its necromancers and hyromancers. It was ruled by the Sindara. The city was destroyed when the priests of the Black Minaret evoked the god Droom-avista who petrified the city until it became known as Dis, the City of Iron.
  • Carcosa is a place associated with the Cthulhu Mythos but, curiously, its origin does not go back to the Lovecraft circle, despite the fact that its members contributed to popularize it. In the Pathfinder universe, Carcosa is a highly magical planet which contains a living city that is also called Carcosa. It's the home of Hastur, who resides in the monstrous Lake of Hali. When the light from Carcosa's star shines on another world's night sky, Hastur's power increases on that world. Carcosa is continusly expanding, absorbing the societies and cities of other worlds. Serving as the fuel for Hastur's eventual ascenscion into the ranks of the Outer Gods. At which time he will consume and absorb Carcosa and its inhabitants. The city of Carcosa is a vast patchwork of the cities which it absorbed over the eons, each individual patchwork is a nexus, which may retain some of the properties of their original worlds. Some of the known nexues include Neruzavin (flying polyp city), Bohlvari (shoggoth inhabited elder thing city), a technologically advanced city of skyscrapers (inhabited by robots and aliens), and an underwater city (inhabited by the undead).
  • Cykranosh is the name given to Saturn in the Cthulhu Mythos. It takes on special relevance in the so-called Hyperborean Cycle. From Cykranosh come the gods Atlach-Nacha, Abhoth and Hziulquoigmnzhah, but Tsathoggua is undoubtedly the most relevant god on the planet… even though he was not even born there.
  • Ghroth, The Harbinger is an Outer God introduced in the stories of Ramsey Campbell. He is famous for causing the destruction of all those worlds that he approaches. Ghroth is a reddish-colored planet-like being, composed of various gases, rust, and various metals. It has innumerable protrusions and faults that retract, revealing eyes formed from liquids from underground seas hidden below its surface.
  • Karthis is the homeworld of the Nioth-Korghai, in the Rigel System. It is a ocean covered world.
  • Kythanil (also Kythamil) is a double planet that once revolved around the star Arcturus. Tsathoggua's followers, the Voormi, once lived here, and Zvilpogghua's "daughter," Sfatlicllp, may also have dwelt here. The planet was destroyed in some catastrophe, but not before the Voormis moved to primal Hyperborea. Ariel Prescott, in her Visions from Yaddith, implies that the planet Kythamil is still in existence in 1927, although Kythanil was destroyed millions of years before the first homanids.
  • Pnidleethon is a planet orbiting the star Yamil Zacra and its dark twin Yuzh.
  • Shaggai, also known as "Chag-Hai", is a planet that orbits around a binary system with green suns. Thick inhabited jungles and dark seas grew on their lands. It was the home of insects called Shans, as well as a mysterious being known as "The Worm that Gnaws in the Night". According to The Dweller of Darkness, he is found in the depths of the cosmos, even more than Yuggoth. However, it could somehow be reached by beings from other worlds, as related in the Book of Eibon by Eibon himself.
  • Tond is an extra-terrestrial planet and the homeworld of the humanoid race of aliens named Yarkdao. It is one of several planets that Gla'aki visited before his arrival on Earth. (EXP: "The Inhabitant of the Lake")
  • Vhoorl is a planet in the "Twenty-Third Nebula" and supposed birthplace of Cthulhu and this spawn. Cthulhu and his kin arrive from the star Xoth.
  • Xictlotl is a fictional planet created by Ramsey Campbell in his novel, The Insects from Shaggai. Xictlotl is a planet located in the same solar system as Shaggai, a system with twin green suns. It's a planet that has very dense vegetation, and it's home of two sentient species and possibly more. When Shaggai was destroyed, the surviving insects of Shaggai moved to the planet, though they eventually left due to the threat posed to them by the Zy'tl Q'ae.
  • Yaddith is a planet harboring an intelligent extraterrestrial race. Eons ago it was inhabited by the Nug-Soth, creatures with traits similar to mammals, reptiles, and insects. The Nug-Soth sought a way to prevent the destruction of their planet's crust by the Dholes, but to no avail. Eventually, the Dholes overwhelmed them and destroyed the Nug-Soth's civilization. Survivors of the catastrophe escaped, however, and hid on various planets.
  • Yilla is a planet inhabited by the ocean dwelling Yorith. It is orbited by the moon Xithor, whose underground caverns are inhabited by dwarfish and malign Lloervs. (EXP: "The Oldest Dreamer" [Walter C. DeBill, Jr.])
  • Yith is the planet from which the Great Race originates. (HPL: "The Shadow Out of Time") The Great Race of Yith are a fictional race within the Lovecraft Mythos. The Great race of Yith were some of the first inhabitants of Earth. Eventually, they waged war with flying polyps and were forced to leave by sending their minds into the far future of beetle folk called Coloptereans, who will rule after humans.
  • Yuggoth is a planet located at the very edge of the Earth's Solar System in either the Kuiper Belt, Scattered Disk or even as far away as the Oort Cloud. It is the site of a Mi-go colony, a race of fungoid, crustacean-like extraterrestrials. Inhabitants include The Mi-go, Rhan-Tegoth, Tsathoggua, Ghizghuth, Zstylzhemgni, Hziulquoigmnzhah, Poss. Gla'aki
  • Zarr (planet) is a ancient planet in the Xentilx galaxy (a neighbouring galaxy). The home of the Zarrians or Zarr who worship Zathog. It is the centre of a galaxy-spanning empire.

Space Stations

stations in sub-hexes with no habitable planets.

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Diameter -
Gravity -
Atmosphere -
Climate -
Biomes -
Surface water -
Points of interest -
Flora -
Fauna -
Societal information
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Immigrated species -
Primary languages -
Government -
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Major cities -
Affiliation -
Name of System
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City Name
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Civilization Template

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