Biological information
Type Humanoid
Size Medium
Intelligence Sentient
Life span -
Sociological information
Planet of origin Castrovel
Achieved warp -
First contact -

Lashuntas are a race of humanoids native to the planet Castrovel in the Castrovel system. They are psychics with a unique self-determined pair of subraces, and are a prominent race in the Pact Worlds government.

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Castrovel is a world with many predators, and all lashunta evolved to adapt at puberty to one of two paths in order to help their race survive.

There are two subraces of lashuntas: the lithe, clever damaya and gregarious, muscular korasha. Damaya are taller than the stockier korasha. All lashuntas share some common traits, however, including two forehead antennae that serve as telepathic foci, colorful pigmentation patterns and raised facial markings, and nearly perfect physical symmetry.

Between their pleasingly ordered forms and natural pheromones, many other humanoid races find lashunta at least subconsciously attractive.


All lashuntas have natural psychic abilities, starting with natural telepathy and mental powers that often resemble magical spells. They are also known to be voracious learners regardless of subrace, whether through academics or trained skills.

Damaya lashuntas have an innate intellectual advantage and calmer demeanor, while korasha lashuntas have stronger and hardier bodies on average at the cost of being more boisterous and less observant.

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