Prevalent Languages

Common, the most prevalent trade tongue of the Pact Worlds, is believed to be based on one or more of the old human languages of Golarion. The other most widespread languages spoken in the Pact Worlds (an* their typical speakers) include the following.

  • Akitonian (inhabitants of Akiton)
  • Aklo (inhabitants of Aucturn, Dominion of the Black)
  • Brethedan (inhabitants of Bretheda, Liavara, and their moons)
  • Castrovelian, also called Lashunta (lashuntas, inhabitants of Castrovel)
  • Eoxian (inhabitants of Eox)
  • Kasatha Language (kasathas)
  • Shirren (shirrens)
  • Triaxian (inhabitants of Triaxus)
  • Vercite (inhabitants of Verces)
  • Vesk language (vesk, inhabitants of the Veskarium)
  • Ysoki language (ysoki)

Other Languages

The following languages are somewhat less common, but they are often encountered by scholars, spellcasters, and those doing business on their speakers’ respective home worlds.

  • Abyssal (demons, chaotic evil outsiders, inhabitants of the Abyss)
  • Aquan (inhabitants of the Plane of Water)
  • Arkanen (inhabitants of Arkanen and Osoro)
  • Auran (inhabitants of the Plane of Air)
  • Azlanti (Azlanti, inhabitants of the Azlanti Star Empire)
  • Celestial (angels, good outsiders, inhabitants of the goodaligned planes)
  • Drow (drow, many residents of Apostae)
  • Dwarven (dwarves)
  • Elven (drow, elves, half-elves)
  • Gnome (gnomes)
  • Goblin (bugbears, goblins, hobgoblins)
  • Halfling (halflings)
  • Ignan (inhabitants of the Plane of Fire)
  • Infernal (devils, lawful evil outsiders, inhabitants of Hell)
  • Kalo (kalo, inhabitants of Kalo-Mahoi)
  • Nchaki (inhabitants of Nchak)
  • Orc (orcs, half-orcs)
  • Sarcesian (sarcesians)
  • Shobhad (shobhads)
  • Terran (inhabitants of the Plane of Earth)
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