Astrographical information
Region Ur Ring
Sector -
System T'saka system
Suns 1
Orbital position -
Moons -
Grid coordinates -
Distance from core -
Trade routes -
Rotation period -
Orbital period -
Physical information
Class -
Diameter -
Atmosphere Breathable (polluted)
Climate -
Primary terrain -
Surface water -
Points of interest -
Flora -
Fauna -
Societal information
Native species -
Immigrated species T'sa
Primary languages -
Government Democracy
Population 1.5 Billion
Demonym -
Major cities -
Affiliation -

Ki'inroh is an over-populated, heavily industrialized, hot, smoggy, and nearly depleted of natural resources world. The Fog that is always around the planet has become mixed and polluted with smoke from the industries and processing plants. The main cities are surrounded by vast amounts of deserted plains and mountains filled with the ruins of mining facilities and factories. Central Capital is the name of the planet’s capital.

Their civil rights and social interactions and customs are inclined toward technology, developing it or building it. They are major exporters of industrial processed goods and mayor importers of raw materials and foodstuffs. They accept cyborgs, robots and any technology oriented race, but dislike violence and warriors in general. Their cities are more technologically advanced than many Galactic Concord cities. There are many universities to teach people new skills that kept them up to date with the latest technologies. The police force rarely follow criminals outside the security of the city walls. Only the elite police force does: FAST 1865.

Central Capital Locations

  • Central Birthing Pools
  • Central Police Force – Headquarters of the FAST 1865.
  • Central Xenology Zoo
  • Kaloe District Science Labs
  • Ki’inroh Main Spaceport
  • Slums of Azqueda – The mafia known as the Shinguz Clan controls this area.

Other Specific Locations:

  • Forest of SkyHigh – Home of the T’sa “ jumpers ”.
  • Nova Arms Corporation’s Main Facility.
  • Nova Tech Corporation’s Main Facility.
  • Singularity Cybersystems Corporation’s Main Facility.
  • Tijolag Mountain Range – Home of the T’sa “ climbers ” .
  • Underwater City of Latusga – Home of the T’sa “swimmers”.
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