Biological information
Type Humanoid
Size Medium
Intelligence -
Life span -
Sociological information
Planet of origin Kasath
Achieved warp -
First contact -

Kasathas are a race of four-armed humanoids native to the desert planet Kasath. Their homeworld's star is dying, and they consolidated their race into a massive worldship called the Idari to settle in the Pact Worlds.


Kasathas are native to the planet Kasath, a massive desert world orbiting a distant, dying red giant star. They achieved feats of high technology thousands of years before the races of the Pact Worlds system. However, with their sun's demise imminent their witchwyrd progenitors returned to them after the Gap to tell them of Akiton, a world similar enough to their homeworld to be a suitable replacement.[1]


Born of a world plagued by devastating disasters, kasathas value cultural stability and treasure their rich and long history. The resulting culture is heavy on complex traditions that often confuse younger races, heavily focused on rituals of dignity and propriety, and sometimes even at odds with their own survival — for instance, favoring dangerous melee weapons over long-ranged combat.

These traits lead many kasathas down the path of lawful neutrality, though some follow divergent paths during their youth.

The Tempering

When kasathan youths reach maturity, they spend a year melding common traditions with new ones of their own creation. This sojourn is called the Tempering, and forces a young kasatha to stretch their limits, leave their comfort zones, and even commit scurrilous acts, all in the name of learning the values of tradition and stability. Since their arrival to the Pact Worlds, some kasathas who begin the Tempering never end it, remaining wanderers and explorers their entire lives.

Star cycles

Kasathas also follow a philosophy of cosmic balance based on star cycles, one of the core beliefs of most solarians. They are the ones who introduced this philosophy to the Pact Worlds, and most solarians are kasathas as a result.


Kasathas have generally binary sexes, but their sexual dimorphism is so slight as to be overlooked compared to many other races.[1]


Kasathan names can extend as long as their familial histories — in other words, they can be quite extensive. While they go by their first names, a full kasathan name can include their parentage, clan, subclan, heritage from a Great Family of Kasath, connections to historical figures, and other relationships stretch back for millennia.

Some examples of kasathan first names are Altronus, Esar, Gorsen, Hadif, Jehir, Kala, Maedar, Metweska, Ninura, Remu, Senesel, Tolar, Umana, Voloteo, and Zye.[1]

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