Iztheptars are a naturally adaptable and malleable race, instinctually attuned to biotechnology. They hail from the desert world of Brigin and are enslaved by the Azlanti Star Empire.[1]


An iztheptar matures at the age of 7 and can live for centuries. If an iztheptar dies, part of its corpse grows into an infant whose genetic material (and subsequently traits and personality) is modified depending on the local environment. An iztheptar imprints on the first individual to care for it, a trait that the Azlanti easily took advantage of.[2]

Iztheptars are natural survivors and biotech adepts, using these capabilities to endure extreme environments and modify the local biota to suit their needs.[2]

Iztheptars contentedly serve their Azlanti slavers in various ways such as exotic pets and high-risk explorers, testing and altering the environment in directions favourable to Azlanti colonists, without concern for the iztheptars' survival.[2]

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