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Izalraan is a cold world in the Vast, though offworlders know it as Icefront. It is home to the Izalguun species. The planet is not found on most starcharts.

Adopted Home of the Izalguuns
Diameter:×1; Mass:×1; Gravity:×1Atmosphere: Normal; Day: 2 days; Year: 2 years

Corporate scientists made the Pact World’s first contact with izalguuns, who live as low-tech hunter-gatherers subsisting on Izalraan’s limited resources. A group representing the Starfinder Society recently uncovered more about this species’ past, learning that izalguuns hid a trove of lost technological wonders under their modest villages. The Starfinders also discovered that izalguuns were one of eight civilizations that once dwelt in a distant trinary star system in the Vast known as the Scoured Stars, and that they departed ages ago, before the Gap.

Izalguuns long ago distanced themselves from their advanced technology, seeking to reconnect with the natural world they’d scorned during their time in the Scoured Stars. Recognizing that they might one day need to defend themselves from creatures wielding advanced implements of war, they kept their technology buried in subterranean complexes across Izalraan. Even among izalguun, only elders and healers are permitted to venture into such places to retrieve tools and technologies when needed to ensure a prosperous existence for their people. Much of the remaining izalguun technology is medical in nature, and there are a small number of grounded but operational starships that could theoretically launch to dissuade any aggressors seeking to attack the izalguuns.

The warlike jinsuls remain the greatest threat to izalguuns’ independence and hidden existence, and the peaceful species dreads the seemingly inevitable day when their ancient technological weaponry must finally be unleashed in a desperate defense.

While most izalguuns live scattered about planet Izalraan’s surface, izalguun tribes remain in regular contact via communication relays in their hidden starship safe houses. Hunters prepare for and undertake hunts of Izalraan’s vicious megafauna. Healers and scientists spend most of their time aboard the grounded starships learning about izalguun history and technology, while elders provide guidance to all and maintain the coherency of their tribes.

For those rare izalguuns who reject the traditional lives of their contemporaries and wish to leave Izalraan, rudimentary shuttles are made available, though these ships are programmed to scrub all records of Izalraan’s location and any information the species. Thus, the choice of leaving Izalraan is a permanent one, made in exchange for the opportunity to experience the wider galaxy.

Over the centuries, the izalguuns abandoned their technology, buried their starships, and became hunter-gatherers, preferring a new life in harmony with nature. However, they knew that some old technology and Kadrical's gifts were too dangerous to stay on Izalraan, so the izalguuns built a hidden complex on a nearby moon within their new solar system to serve as a dumpster. When Kadrical sent them a Tear, the izalguuns quickly recognised it as an unwanted godgift and sent it to the Repository.

The native izalguuns call their planet Izalraan, but the Pact Council officially recognizes it as Icefront, given its extreme seasonal climate that makes one side of the planet look frozen. The planet has no natural satellites.

Frozen Trove outpost

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