Isle Of Banshees

I can only believe this was detailed as it is in order to "provide" an adventure with the boxed set. And yet, it again contradicts itself. If Azahn can't leave his tower how can he command his undead hordes well enough to coordinate their activities? And if he can't go anywhere and his island can't move how can he destroy a beacon arcane? And just what are, "Stellar Undead"? There are a few types of undead in the SJ MCs, some of which even exist outside the Flow. Are these them? And why is the place called the Isle of "Banshees", when there are no banshees, which are a type of undead unique to elves (who are so rare in this sphere) anyway (on an isle where elves have never dwelt, apparently)? Well, there supposedly are banshees but with elves so rare, and female elves not allowed to travel, and evil female elves being required to generate a banshee, I don't see how there could be any, or any more than one present. Especially since they seem to be the primary undead not created by a spell that are present. Get rid of the banshees, other than a "cool" name, they make no sense. I suggest leaving the isle relatively unknown or simply making it the creation of the lich that holds it. As a renegade sun mage the Eladrin destroyed his ships so he couldn't leave, for which he now wants revenge. There never were any super helms on or in the isle, though he may have used magic to try and spread rumors of such to draw spelljammers to him. Of course, he apparently hasn't managed to gather a fleet large enough for his purposes, partially because the Eladrin come by every year or so and wipe out any vessels he might have collected. He isn't the only intelligent undead on the Isle, though feeder undead such as ghouls, ghasts, and vampires probably aren't present as they'd soon starve (get rid of Amroch, even if enough ships came this way to keep him sated he'd either have slain Azahn with servitor vampires by now or been overcome by the lich's forces to prevent exactly that—Azahn isn't the type who cares for his troops or accepts a rival on his own turf). Instead give him some other sorts of intelligent undead lieutenants to help control his undead forces, most of which are simply skeletons and zombies he's animated over time. One thing he's definitely seeking is a way to [reliably] create more intelligent undead. Right now he has to simply rely on those he killed turning into intelligent undead on their own. If you really want to make things interesting his prime lieutenants could be several undead old masters made from neogi spellcasters he captured.

A true sailors’ grave­yard, this scrap of land is inhab­ited solely by undead sailors who per­ished while spell­jam­ming in the Shat­tered Sphere. Flow they all got here is a mys­tery, as is the reason for their undead state. Trav­el­ers in this region must be very care­ful, as the undead are fond of ambush­ing spell­jam­ming ships that come too near.

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