What's all this business about law enforcement? Ironport isn't situated in a larger nation with laws, its laws are made by the neogi who run the place. Ignore this part but maintain the fee to keep out those who are trying to track down items and their buyers and sellers. Also, ignore the references to neogi nobility and replace them with neogi ship captains (the closest neogi have to nobility).

The neogi designed this pyra­mi­dal trade base and com­mis­sioned dwarves to build it. The out­side of the mas­sive trade center is dotted with ports and land­ing bays, but the real action occurs inside. Miles of twist­ing cor­ri­dors and open plazas filled with mer­chant stalls riddle Iron­port. First-time vis­i­tors are often lost within the labyrinthine tun­nels, but most are found in rel­a­tively short order. Some say that the neogi indulge their baser habits in the lowest levels of Iron­port, but most think that is just a nasty rumor.

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