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The long years of the 2nd Galactic War left little time for exploration, with the Empire’s resources needed at their various fronts. All the most likely systems to contain Class 1 worlds had been cataloged, and the Ooriq system was easily overlooked. Its small F2 star was very unlikely to easily support a habitable zone, and only gas giants were detected from long range surveying. Four years ago, a random naval patrol discovered otherwise. The gas giant currently labeled Ooriq III is immense and very warm, practically becoming a star itself several million years ago. Not only is its fifth moon of Looring a Class 1 environment of surprising mineral wealth, it also contains native sentient life.
The environment is rather warm, and the Thuldans have named the natives, Ooriqi. They are a cold blooded serpentine species who stand upright on a large snake-bodied tail. A thin but flexible film runs from the Ooriqi arms to their torso, providing an ability to glide short distances. These natives are currently in what could be called their Bronze Age (PL1). The Ooriqi possessed no single organized civilization when the first Thuldan vessels arrived, nor shared standard language. They had an animalistic, totemic religion, and were yet to discover agriculture. Naturally, all this is changing.
With no weak regard for native cultural purity, the Empire has set up various bases along both coastlines of the fourth, and smallest, continent. In these controlled zones, Thuldan representatives slowly transform Ooriqi culture with the authority of gods. Imperial xenologists established language centers to forge mutual communication, although only a few Thuldan telepaths are currently capable of direct dialogue. Learning centers have been prepared for the Ooriqi youth, who will adjust to Thuldan language and ideals much faster than the adults. Imperial scientists are studying the Ooriqi genome and other indigenous genetics, while releasing airborne vaccine packages to inoculate the native population from human-carried disease. Local religious practices have been focused toward the Thuldan flag and distant but all-powerful god Emperor Kent. Members of the 92nd Legion are arming and instructing a few select tribes to help bring the nearby Ooriqi under unified leadership.
The eventual hope of Emperor Regist is to develop the moon of Looring into an industrial center of the Stone Dragon Province. Its alien populace will come into proper subservience to humanity, and serve as a dedicated manufacturing force. Imperial geologists have discovered small rhodium deposits on the largest continent, dramatically increasing the world’s value to the Empire.
System Governor Kyle Rancein (Hm/Thuldan/MW-14) was personally assigned by the Emperor, and is actually a member of the Imperial Espionage Service. Kyle’s mission is to keep the Ooriq system and its activities secret. He has been given a single regiment of the 92nd Legion for use on Looring, and a modest flotilla of one heavy cruiser, two light cruisers, 4 frigates, and a dozen smaller escorts to maintain security of the system and overtake the native populace. Kyle’s current plan is to consolidate the smallest continent under Thuldan control, establish small scale manufacturing outposts, and begin mining accessible resources. He will slowly spread over the southern hemisphere in the next five years, the north in six more. Ten years after that, the entire Ooriqi populace will loyally serve under imperial control, and he has no problem making bloody examples to ensure his point gets across. No announcement of the Ooriqi discovery has ever been announced to the interstellar community, and certainly not to the Galactic Concord.

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