Biological information
Type Humanoid
Size Medium
Intelligence Sentient
Life span -
Sociological information
Planet of origin -
Achieved warp -
First contact -

Hobgoblins (Njertar) have acquired a relic from the titan Scorpio (Akrepi) and have taken it to their newly declared homeworld, Hyperion. From there, they build their theocratic star empire, search the cosmos for star titans, believing them to be stronger than the gods.

Hobgoblins are militaristic and fecund, a combination that makes them quite dangerous. They breed quickly, replacing fallen members with new soldiers and keeping up their numbers despite the fortunes of war. They generally need little reason to declare war, but more often than not that reason is to capture new slaves.

Hobgoblins believe in an inherent right to rule.

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Hobgoblins are obsessed with their social status, defined by military rank. Once an active combatant, a hobgoblin constantly jockeys for position with its peers and plots to overcome their superiors, typically through a duel for honor called a garë. Refusal to answer a challenge is seen as a sign of weakness, but more highly-ranked hobgoblins keep their positions by winning dozens of duels, dissuading younger hobgoblins from challenging them.

Hobgoblins are natural backstabbers who don't hesitate to use underhanded means to get their way, but if caught, they punish their own kind ruthlessly. Each tribe's general is responsible for dictating punishment, which takes one of four forms: demotion, exile, slavery, and death. Enslavement is by far the most common. Hobgoblins subjected to exile, as well as deserters, sometimes gravitate toward human societies as scavengers, bandits, gangsters, or pirates.

Hobgoblin society functioned through a system of family reputation and honor. Tradition was an integral part of their lives and breaking from observances was considered a grievous insult to society, an insult not forgotten easily. An offense usually brought shame to the offender's name for several generations. The highest shame was discommendation, an action to officially strip a Hobgoblin of his personal or family honor. Bloodlines and relations were also taken very seriously. Lines comprised more than mere family members


Many hobgoblin tribes combine their love of warfare with keen intellects. Hobgoblins love technology. They utilize wearable technology, but usually don't incorporate cyberwear.

They wear enviro suits similar to yautja or mandalorians. Lots of gadgets and wearable weapons.


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