Why the Witchwyrd have their one spaceport of the sphere so far from Eladrin areas is a complete mystery. It's also far from the much more populous and heavily traveled Inner Sphere. Either move Highport toward the interior or simply remove the Witchwyrd presence, or at least domination. Certainly don't make this their only trading facility in the sphere. In all, I recommend simply moving it to the much more populous Inner Ring.

High­port is the only Witchwyrd-held space­port in the Shat­tered Sphere. High­port itself is the rem­nants of an old citadel with a new iron tower jut­ting from its top. The tower con­tains a Beacon Arcane (see Chap­ter 3), which emits a vis­i­ble light for thou­sands of miles. Calid­i­ans and neogi run the place, the Calid­i­ans spe­cial­iz­ing in ship repair and out­fit­ting and the neogi in trade. The Witchwyrd are rarely seen, but are the undis­puted rulers of this port. In keep­ing with their laissez faire atti­tude to other races, the Witchwyrd enforce few laws here, and the rowdy tav­erns are the sight of many shady deal­ings.

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