Harlow Dimas
Harlow Dimas
Biographical Information
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Physical Description
Species Halfling
Gender Male
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Mass ?
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Family Information
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Harlow Dimas is a male halfling, notorious for being a con artist, smuggler, and swindler.


Mudd was born in 2219 on Antares Pi Four. He married a woman named Stella, whom he considered the love of his life, but abandoned her two months later to escape her incessant nagging, by stowing away aboard a freighter. The two eventually divorced, with no children. Stella's mother, a thin, ornery hillbilly, openly detested Harry and was skilled with a shotgun, which scared him. ["Mudd's Women" (early script draft), Mudd in Your Eye, Mudd's Angels]

In his later years, with no children to carry on his legacy, Mudd took under his wing a young thief named Shilo. Despite both being unscrupulous criminals, the two formed a genuinely close father-daughter bond. ["The Sky Above, The Mudd Below"]

In at least one reality, Mudd may not have been childless. In an alternate universe resulting from the Romulan Nero's temporal incursion, Mudd is believed to have fathered a half-Bajoran daughter, first name unknown, who worked as a trader. In 2259, she helped Robert April and Section 31 provide Starfleet weaponry to one side of a civil war on Phaedus IV, in violation of the Prime Directive. That timeline's James Kirk impounded her K'normian trading ship, which he and his crew used a month later for a mission to arrest John Harrison (Khan Noonien Singh) on Qo'noS. [Countdown to Darkness, Star Trek Into Darkness]

Appearance and personality

He sometimes uses custom androids as servants. He does not especially care for android rights.

Powers and abilities


H.F. Mudd, Harcourt Fenton, Leo Francis Walsh, Blackbeard Teach, Socrates, Grand Qaal of Eulus, Emperor Mudd the First, Harry Patton

Rap sheet

Shows a penchant for ventures involving mining colonies or alcoholic beverages

penny-ante robbery
criminal conspiracy

Mudd has been convicted of smuggling (sentence suspended), transport of stolen goods and the purchase of a space vessel with counterfeit currency. He received psychiatric treatment, the effectiveness of which was disputed, and his Master's License was revoked on Stardate 1116.4. In addition, he sold the natives of Omega Cygni their own oceans, conned two miners on Ophiucus VI out of a year's supply of dilithium crystals using fake Federation vouchers, and figured out how to break the gambling machines on Curalon IV. ["Mudd's Women," "Mudd's Passion," "Another Fine Mess"]

In 2266, at age 47, Harry Mudd stole a class-J cargo ship. When the vessel exploded, Captain James T. Kirk beamed Mudd to safety aboard the Enterprise, along with his "cargo" of seductive women: Ruth Bonaventure, Magda Kavacs and Eve McHuron. Posing as Captain Leo Francis Walsh (the cargo ship's late owner), Mudd had planned to sell the women to settlers on Ophiucus III. Kirk arrested him for galaxy travel without a flight plan or identification, failure to respond to a starship signal and causing a menace to navigation.

When the starship visited Rigel XII to obtain lithium crystals, Mudd contacted miners Ben Childress, Herm Gossett and Benton, offering the women as payment if the men arranged for his freedom. The miners gladly accepted, leaving Kirk no choice but to release Mudd and his cargo, but when the women turned plain and non-glamorous after a night spent on the planet, Kirk arrested Mudd for fraudulently enhancing their beauty with illegal Venus drugs. Kirk promised to testify at Harry's trial, much to the latter's displeasure. ["Mudd's Women"]

• He mimicked Spock's demeanor to make the androids think him rehabilitated, then stole technology and weapons left behind by their Makers and escaped aboard a stolen space yacht that he called the Jolly Roger. ["Deep Mudd"]
• He taught the androids organized sports and gambling, then fled in a stolen spacecraft when they caught him cheating. [Star Trek Log Three]
• He re-formed android society around the concepts of legality and justice, used their technology to terraform the planet and build himself an empire, turned the Stellas into a starship fleet (including ships called Evening Stella, Dark Stella, Stella Sapphire, Interstella and Superstella) and traveled the galaxy trading android wives to miners. [Mudd's Angels]
• He feigned an interest in ending a war in the Nevis System, fooled the androids into letting him leave with a single Stella escort, and then made a run for it. [Mudd in Your Eye]
• He helped the androids terraform the planet, losing much weight in the process, until former starship captain Ronald Tracey abducted him for his own purposes. ["Made Out of Mudd"]

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