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Hadozee are common in the Astromundi Cluster. They work for the elves, traveling on their ships and living in their colonies. They do well in the colder regions the Thoric live in as well. They enjoy life in the free-wheeling Calidian trade towns where they easily find work in a variety of professions. Hadozee are commonly employed as ship crews by many races and less commonly as marines as well as running their own ships from their own settlements. It seems the hadozee and elves of AC have long worked together, for even sometimes newly discovered elven colonies are found to have both elves and hadozee among their populations. Hadozee are generally considered by the Eladrin to make poor slaves as they aren't disciplined enough and the illithids aren't overly fond of them either. Neogi aren't so particular, however.

Hadozee first appeared in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition in The Complete Spacefarer's Handbook, a PC-orientated splatbook for Spelljammer. They shared this role as setting-unique races alongside the dracons, the Giff (who had first appeared as monsters in The Lorebook of the Void, one of the two booklets that made up the Spelljammer core boxed set), the grommams, the hurwaeti, the lizardfolk (who had earlier appeared with a racial writeup in The Lorebook of the Void), the rastipedes, the scro and the xixchil.

Originating from a warm, temperate world, the hadozee have a rare positive affection for the Imperial Elven Navy. The details are kind of obscured with the mists of time, but in a nutshell, the IEN once believed hadozee to be a kind of goblinoid, but were proven wrong when the hadozee were willing to help the elves during the First Unhuman War. To this day, the hadozee are amongst the rare races who not only speak nicely of the elves, but are actually eager to serve alongside them aboard spelljammers - even if the pointy-eared bastards look down on the hadozee like every other race.

Fans would later expand upon the hadozee background slightly, giving them the homeworld of Gaya, a subtropical world of high mesas and deep, jungle-filled canonys within a crystal sphere known as Grommspace, because the hadozee share Gaya as the homeworld with the grommans.

Nowadays, the hadozee can be found throughout Wild Space, as whilst serving on an IEN vessel is a particular honor, spelljamer in general is hugely exciting to them. They love to be aboard ships and whole troops (mixed-gender bands of 20-30 hadozee) will eagerly sign on to any ship that's willing to take them.

Most ships are quite willing to take them. Yes, the hadozee are infamously sharp-tongued, with a love of verbal coarseness, vulgarity, complaints and insults that can make all but the most seasoned star-sailors blush, but they're hard-working, friendly, diligent, and very loyal. Plus, gliding apes are naturals when it comes to working the rigging.


Called "deck apes", hadozee are indeed ape-like. Rough taller and more slander than the typical ape, hadozee have brown hair covering their bodies. With a shaggy mane surrounding all of the head except for the face. The mouth is a protruding muzzle with several long fangs.

The most unusual feature of a hadozee is the membrane of skin that normally hangs loosely from the creature's arms and legs. When a hadozee raises its hands over its head, this membrane is stretched taut and the creature has a limited gliding ability, as explained below.

Hadozee are very nimble. They can climb trees, ropes, poles, and sheer surfaces as 10th-level thieves. Their feet are fully as dexterous as their hands, even to the extent of having opposable thumbs. Hadozee are tailless.

Hadozee are often hired as mercenary crews by spacefaring races, though they have no space travel capabilities of their own. Also, the race has a well-known capability for hard work, so they are most commonly encountered as hired crewmen on the vessels of others. They are especially popular with elves, both as crewmen and hired warriors.


Hadozee are born warriors, thoroughly at home in melee combat. They can use all weapons that humans can. Indeed, hadozee can wield a weapon in each hand – or in a hand and a foot – without penalty for two-handed combat. Their preferred weapons include long swords, spears, and halberds.

A hadozee can glide through the air by spreading the membranes on its wings, traveling one foot forward for every foot of height it loses.

In addition, hadozee have learned to exploit the gravity plane in their attacks against space vessels. Hadozee dive toward the enemy deck or hull, seeking a place to land and wield their weapons. If no place presents itself, they dive past the vessel and through the gravity plane. They then soar up a distance equal to three-quarters that from which they originally descended, and can maneuver around to dive back at the vessel from the other side of the gravity plane.


Hadozee of both sexes are eager to be accepted into the companies of sailors and mercenaries that sail among the stars. A group of young adults trains together, forming a company of up to 20 or 30 individuals. They then seek work for the master of a spacefaring vessel. The highest honor for a hadozee is to hire on as crew or warrior for elves.

Only when they grow too old for the life of activity and adventure do hadozee return to a world, where they mate and raise the next generation.

The hadozee relationship with elves goes back to the time of the Unhuman Wars, when the deck apes first showed a level of conscience and culture greater than the orcs and their kin, with which they had previously been grouped. The hadozee aided the elves in that war, and they have bee allied ever since. The elves have willingly employed the talents of the hadozee, and have in return paid them well. The elves in no way consider the hadozee to be an equal race, however.


Hadozee have the same sustenance and protection needs as humans. Their diets are a little more adaptable – they will eat grubs and insects, for example – and they like their climate warm to tropical. But they can dress for cold weather and eat human food without complaining.

Hadozee, or "deck apes," are tall, slender, tailless apelike humanoids. They are covered with brown hair, including a shaggy mane that surrounds their face. The hadozee mouth is a protruding muzzle with several long fangs. Hadozee have a broad flap of skin that runs from the creatures arms to its legs. This flap can be drawn tight by raising the arms, giving the hadozee a limited gliding ability.

Hadozee are rude, reserving their coarse commentary only in the presence of elves and the hadozee's employers. When outside these controlling influences, however, they can utter a continuous stream of insults and derision, with tongues sharp enough to make the most seasoned spelljammer take notice. However, the hadozee are extremely diligent workers and are respected throughout the Known Spheres for their willingness to work as hard as is needed to get the job done. They do not shirk their responsibilities in combat, either, and most hadozee work both as crewmen and as mercenaries. Surprisingly, most Hadozee are quite easygoing, when one can get over their rough language. They are very difficult to insult themselves, and usually don't hold grudges for long.

Hadozee prefer to join the crews of other nations. They are particularly fond of elves as employers. A group of young adult hadozee sign on with a single captain, training together and forming a traveling company of 20-30 individuals. Hadozee tend to be egalitarian in terms of gender, considering the thought of treating others differently for it ridiculous.

The Hadozee have a number of gods, which are mostly venerated on their homeworld. Hadozee in wildspace tend to adopt local deities, whom they see as aspects of their own powers; most adventuring deck apes venerate powers of luck, skill, combat, and travel.

The hadozee homeworld is temperate and warm, and has a climate like that of most human worlds. Hadozee generally wear no clothing (except in cold weather), as most clothing would interfere with their gliding membranes. They wear special caftans with slit sides on ceremonial occasions, or when in an unfamiliar port.

Hadozee Names

Hadozee names are usually short, often monosyllabic. They are not gendered. In contrast to these short names, clan names are often highly prosaic.

Names: Tuk, Konn, Koto, Kuv, Tro

Clan Names: Cloudjumper, Dawnchaser

Language. The hadozee language sounds quite harsh, having a large number of hard consonants. Most hadozee are capable of spewing forth insults in almost any other language they have come in contact with. You can speak, read, and write Hadozee, Elvish, and Common.

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