Gosclaws are a race of intelligent feline humanoids with an aptitude for engineering, native to the volatile rocky planet Duren in the Azlanti Star Empire. Gosclaws usually serve as engineers and spec ops, and have been designated as second-class citizens by the Star Empire.[1]


Since their homeworld is riddled with earthquakes and volcanoes, gosclaws traditionally lived in complex underground cities that could withstand the shifting earth around them, and became well-suited to living in such cramped conditions. Gosclaws who leave Duren work for the Azlanti as engineers to take advantage of their thin, flexible body. They mature at 13 and naturally live up to 80 years.[1]

Gosclaws are quick-witted and individualistic, putting more importance on the results than the procedure, which some Azlanti managers find annoying. They are not conservative of their own traditions and see technology as the way to the future.[1]

Gosclaws consider the Azlanti self-serving and dangerous benefactors, and prefer to avoid their attention. They have served the Azlanti diligently but not completely loyally, seeing their conquest by the Star Empire as a long-term way to advance their culture and imagining a near enough future where they regain independence.[1]

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