Fraal Philosophies

The fraal are skeptics in most matters of faith. Indeed, the fraal are the only one of the five major nonhuman species without a native faith of their own. Even fraal who adopt a religion are rarely very devout. They show little interest in human missionaries, and they often forbid preaching on board their city-ships.

At the same time, Borealin colleges have closely studied fraal philosophy for more than 200 years, and a number of 23rd century discoveries link fraal schools of mindwalking academies with sacred belief systems. Though the data is in- complete, the fraal seem to believe that each major form of mindwalking corresponds to a sentient being's inner form, possibly something that resembles a soul. However, the fraal's extreme reticence in discussing their beliefs about the origin of mindwalking powers has frustrated every attempt to broaden human understanding of these beliefs-though the Hatire have gleaned some portion of this knowledge. As long as the fraal refuse to discuss it, speculation will continue unchecked.

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