Fire Vampire

Appearance Edit

Fire Vampires are intelligent plasma or gas matrices that, upon entering an atmosphere with sufficient oxygen, burst into flames. They can appear in the form of a point of fire, a spiral of fire, a ray of fire, or as very bright fireflies.
Behavior Edit

They are normally found in the Fomalhaut star orbit with Cthugha. Some others are found on the planetoid Ktynga with Fthaggua. They usually appear as a kind of escort to Cthugha when summoned, burning everything where the Great Old One will appear. Fthaggua uses them to collect information from some world to conquer and that serves as a food source for them. They can also be independently summoned by some warlocks, but they can only do this when Fomalhaut is in the sky. Fire Vampires often develop a type of connection to the place or places they burn. This connection apparently affects the entire species: that is, invoking fire vampires in general is easier in some area that was burned by them in the past, but nothing indicates that it is always the same vampire that appears to be invoked. To summon them you need to have a big bonfire lit under the night sky on a night that Fomalhaut is on the horizon. The fire vampire will appear above the campfire.

Attack way Edit

Fire Vampires attack, obviously burning their victims. However, by burning and living up to their name, they absorb the power, memories and magic of those they attack, thus increasing their own knowledge and skills in the magical arts. They can launch their attacks in the form of flaming rays, or they can touch or touch their victims. The appearance of those attacked by a fire vampire is the same as that of a person victim of spontaneous human combustion, so it is probable that many of these cases have actually been attacks by these beings. They are immune to all physical weapons, as well as fire and electricity, but can be extinguished.
Protection form Edit

Protecting or attacking a fire vampire is a relatively easy task. You can use water, sand or any available fire extinguisher. While a glass or bucket filled with water can harm a vampire, it will not kill him immediately. This would require a large amount of water. Hiding if possible in some aquatic body is also useful, since fire vampires cannot attack or chase anything or anyone in water.
Curiosities Edit

Although technically his first appearance is in Donald Wandrei's story The Fire Vampires, scholars of the Myths also use the name to refer to the "points of light" that appear in Derleth's story.

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