A rare blue dwarf star, Sadoi possesses no naturally Class 1 worlds. It’s sole gas giant is quite unremarkable, and there are no asteroid belts to speak of. It’s second planet, Safari, orbits at a distance of 2.5 AU, and was terraformed during the Interbellum between GW1 and GW2. The purpose of the planetary treatment is apparent in the name. Safari was made as a hunting resort for Thuldan nobility. In fact, the relative uselessness of the rest of the system made Sadoi the perfect candidate for such a facility.
Safari has been painstakingly transformed into a torrid hunting world of jungles, savannahs, and deserts. The most dangerous and wily animal life of the Stellar Ring have been gathered together on Safari. The stock of prey animals in annually bolstered, as the predators greatly outnumber them. Moreover, these vicious predators often hunt each other, a development that ensures only the finest game remains for the hunt.
The Planetary/System Governor is Crasus Marcus (Xm/Thuldan/DCS-9), a venerable former soldier of the 4th Legion who once accompanied Emperor Decret on a particularly dangerous jungle excursion. Crasus and his staff of four hundred live in Assembly Base, the only human structure on the planet. Their hangar has a dozen modified Cossack class light transports, three Stormfield ground vehicles, and two stardrive equipped cutters. Satellites throughout the Sadoi system notify Assembly Base of drivesat activity or incoming traffic. A dozen orbital defense satellites provide defensive protection if necessary.

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