Fehu Ring
Fehu Ring
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The Fehu Ring is a region of space within the Skyllan Galaxy. Locally called Astromundispace, the region was once the site of a massive cataclysm. Experts have theorized this has caused planar boundaries in the ring to be thinner than normal, causing large manifest zones.

Lots of dangers including radioactive nebulas, black holes, ion storms, super sonic asteroid showers, and much more.

Veskarium control several planets in the coreward borders.


Ancient times (1.8 million - 780,000 years ago)

In ancient times, there was a race that destroyed themselves and their worlds in one or more cataclysms. The destruction was devastating, destroying millions of stars and planets. This has caused groups of massive interstellar asteroids to hurtle around the ring at great speeds. These groups travel through systems, sometimes causing great destruction of their own.

Perhaps a great natural (or artificial) astrological disaster occurred which caused the ancient race to war with itself or other species. Myths of an ancient arcane curse unleashed at the end of this war, greatly decreasing birth rates. A new race of deformed, twisted subspecies came from this, splitting from society. More dangerous and forbidden magic was used to counter, dooming the population.

The new twisted species grew more powerful in psionic abilities.

A mysterious extraplanar race known as the Unbidden were summoned to wage war. They soon turned on their masters and proceeded to burn cities and butcher populations.

It was the twisted psionics that banished the Unbidden back to their homes, but at the cost of a mighty cataclysm. Causing the destruction of all ancient races.

Post cataclysm (780,000 years ago - present)

Gradually, spacefaring species began to colonize the ring, finding ancient artifacts and ruins of the old race. The neogi established themselves with their Neogi Octohedrons.

The arrival of the Eladrin and the founding of Tir Éadan. The eladrin suspiciously have a lot of knowledge of the ancient lost civilization, but they remain elusive about what they know. The Eladrin establish an alliance with the Witchwyrds and they exchange knowledge and goods. The witchwyrds give them their starship technology, allowing the eladrin to travel through the galaxy at great speed. The Eladrin become the dominant power of the Fehu Ring, rivaled only by the Illithids. The two factions fight several wars before an uneasy truce is negotiated through the Neogi.

The Neogi now capitalize their newfound status as merchants and peacekeepers.



  • Eladrin, expansionist imperials. Greatest power.
  • Illithid, slavers and expansionist invaders.
  • Neogi, former slavers and raiders, now focusing on trade and diplomatic relations. Mobile Octohedron space-stations.


  • Dohwar, merchants. Allied with Calidia. Welcomed in all ports.
  • Hadozee, allied with the Eladrin.
  • Hurwaet, former slave race. Isolated settlements in asteroids and other out of the way areas.
  • Beholder


  • Giff, mercenaries. Often hired by the Calidians.
  • Vesk





Population: unknown (but the eyes have it! Hahaha, I slay me! And if I didn’t, their gaze attacks would!) Turn ons: Hating everyone. Turn offs: The fact that everyone else hates them, and will team up to wreck their shit if they get uppity

Tir Éadan

Antilan Empire, aka the Sun Mages, aka the Evil Empire

Population: 3 billion humans. Turn ons: Making everyone else their slaves; being racist; getting extra-special-snowflake special treatment from the Arcane; gigantic rule-breaking crystal ships; wearing masks in public, the more elaborate the better; female priestesses called Judicants that serve as judge, jury, and executioner; only letting nobles be wizards. Turn offs: Illithids; not getting their way; having to put up with the neogi forcing a truce on them through the threat of trade sanctions; unsanctioned trade and travel in their space; Illithids.


Population: 1 billion humans. Turn ons: individual liberty, having self-ruling city states. Turn offs: The fact that having individualistic small city-states has lead to large numbers of Calidans being conquered by Antilans or Illithids who, distressingly, don’t share the same thirst for Calidians being free; Antilans & Illithids, for that very reason


Illithids, aka the Other Evil Empire

Population: 3 billion mind flayers. Turn ons: Showing up seemingly out of nowhere to contest the Antilans and very nearly beating them; earning grudging respect from the Cluster’s other inhabitants for doing so; having more psionicists than anyone else; hanging out with their Varan bros. Turn offs: Antilans; Antilan Sun Mages; having to put up with the neogi forcing a truce on them through the threat of trade sanctions


Population: 1.5 billion humans. Turn ons: Being viking expys, albeit with less rape-and-pillage and more explore-and-colonize; living in the coldest and most inhospitable regions of the sphere; the highest level of technology in the sphere; fur trading; being the most widely-liked faction in the sphere largely due to their overall lack of interest in fucking others over. Turn offs: Always being cold

The Dark Group

see Dark Group

The Varan Group

see Varan Group

Population: 1 billion humans. Turn ons: Hanging with their total bros the Illithids; doing whatever the Illithids tell them to do; making others respect them if only because if the Varan get themselves in trouble the Illithids will have their back. Turn offs: The fact that they’ve got to do pretty much whatever the Illithids tell them to do; the Boyarny Varan, a group that work as traders and are independent of the Illithids, which is very un-bro like behavior



Population: 1 billion spider-eels. Turn ons: Being the primary traders in the sphere; being mostly neutral and only occasionally being shitty, but getting away with it due to the threat of trade embargoes; slavery. Turn offs: The fact that they’d get the unagi beaten out of them if they tried to compete with the Sun Mages or Illithids militarily

Other planets

Other locations

  • The Constellations: 13 of them, made from intense magical flames at the tops of giant towers. One for each god, they are in a flat plane in line with the central sun, around which they move. They are described as getting brighter for 8 hours, then dimmer for 8 hours, which seems to suggest the Astromundi day is 16 hours long. There are 13 months, and each year is named for a constellation/god as well. 13 years make a Cycle. The campaign “begins” in Cycle 1300, the year of Hordent, month of Munigur.
  • The Fringe: Icy asteroids. Thoric live out here; no one else has established permanent colonies. The Thoric trade ice and other raw materials from The Fringe with people further inward.
  • Highport: One of the most important trading outposts. Owned by the Arcane, but run by the Neogi and Caliban. Caliban specialize in ship repair and outfitting; Neogi focus on trade.
  • The Great Belt: Smaller and thinner than the Fringe. Thoric predominate here, but the Calidians, elves, dwarves, and neogi also have colonies here. Most are small, and depend on each other for survival.
  • Ironport: Neogi-designed metal pyramid trading base. Miles of twisting corridors and open trading areas. Rumors that the neogi occasionally do bad things to people who get lost, but surely those are just rumors, right?
  • Giltiond: Earth and water/ice bodies connected by a huge vine. Elves who have become barbaric live here, abandoning such luxuries like homes and clothes. Also tend to kill outsiders.
  • Avarien: Home to elves who are not as savage and only somewhat less paranoid than the Giltiond elves. These are the folks to talk to if you want to buy a ride out of Astromundi.
  • Ushathrandra: A purple gas giant that has been frozen in place in it’s orbit, along with it’s three moons. The seat of Illithid power in Clusterspace.
  • Illiman: A world purchased from lizard men by the neogi, who have built settlements and temples here
  • The Inner Ring: Heavily populated and the heart of the Astromundi sphere. Pretty much every race other than beholders can be found here. By universal agreement, open warfare is banned here.
  • The Golden Girdle: Seat of Antilan power; with plenty of soil, water, and sunlight. Regarded as the nicest place in the Cluster to live. Well, if you’re an Antilan, anyway. Includes three flat constructed worlds that are equidistant from each other
  • The Shakalman Group: Almost uninhabitable due to the heat, are very mineral rich and therefore the Antilans have huge mining and shipbuilding facilities here
  • Denaeb: Brilliant blue secondary sun. Flickering has been noticed at it’s center, and some mages believe it is shrinking, somehow.
  • Firefall: The system’s primary is a cluster of fire bodies of various colors that rotate around each other, waxing and waning in a pattern that is extraordinary to behold.
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