Biographical Information
Homeworld Adnas
Location of Birth Siobadh Tur,
Date of Birth 1140 NS
Physical Description
Species Eladrin (Airgeadsúr)
Gender Male
Height ?
Mass ?
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Purple
Skin Color ?
Family Information
Family Members Alucail Airgid Samhradh (Father)
Ionuin Airgid Samhradh (Sister)
Merrium Kraemer (Nephew)
Chronological and Political Information
Affiliations ?

Creiche Airgid Samhradh, also known as Elegast, was once the king of An Tuath. He was outcast after the disastrous Battle in the Elven Court in 1368. He is the eldest son of Alucail Airgid Samhradh. He also lead the Red Slayers, a battalion of dragonslayers, to rescue his sister, Ionuin, from the dragon Tugarin Zmeja.

Destests dragons. Dragonslayer. Feypact with Seabas.


Birth and Early Life

Elegast was born in 1140 inside the walls of the Moonsong Palace in Siobadh Tur.

The Red Slayers

Madness of the Erlking

see Time of Falling Leaves

Battle in the Elven Court



The right side of Elegast's face is burnt and scarred from shielding the infant Merrium from the Erlking's elf-fire.

Powers and Abilities

Elegast, due to his unusual birth, has an even greater connection to the Twilithe than other Eladrin. As such, he has several abilities due to his warlock nature.

During the Fall of Siobadh, he lost his ties to the magic of his blood, called fír flaithemon (feer flat-man).

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