Biological information
Type Humanoid
Size Medium
Intelligence Sentient
Life span -
Sociological information
Planet of origin Adnas
Achieved warp -
First contact -

Dwarves are a stocky race, roughly a foot shorter than humans, with broad, heavy frames. Dwarves trace their heritage to Adnas, yet for them, this is not merely a matter of history, but identity—they were forged in the furnace of Golarion’s subterranean passages, and many dwarves born long after the planet’s disappearance still feel the sting of its loss, kept alive in dwarven song and legend. Dwarven history also claims that they once had a different racial god, Torag, who left his worshipers in the hands of his brother Angradd during the Gap so he could stand guard over Golarion, wherever it is now.

Dwarves are most commonly found on Absalom Station, where their guilds and clans wield significant power, or on city-sized Star Citadel ships. Significant dwarven communities on other worlds are rare, though small groups can be found throughout the Pact Worlds’ extrasolar colonies. Many dwarves are attracted to asteroid mining, with Star Citadels common in the Diaspora.

Larger dwarven communities often focus on tradition and fight to keep ancient crafts, laws, and enmities alive. This traditionalism sometimes causes other races to see dwarves as old fashioned, or even backward. Dwarves are certainly cautious in adopting new technologies and slow to change their way of life, but once a new technology has proven safe and effective, it’s quickly adapted to dwarven needs. Dwarves are often mechanics, mystics, and soldiers. They tend to get along best with gnomes, halflings, humans, and other races with ties to Golarion, though they have a sometimes impolite appreciation for androids’ elegant construction and find much in common with kasathas and korasha lashuntas.

Among the strongest dwarven traditions is the Quest for Sky, a belief that Torag commanded his people to leave their underground homes on Golarion and fight a generations-long war to reach the surface. While many dwarves feel the Quest for Sky was fulfilled, some explore far from the Pact Worlds in the belief that the original journey was only the first stage of the quest and that Torag now wants them to find some specific alien sky for which they’re destined.

Most dwarves stand 4 to 4-1/2 feet tall and weigh 150–200 pounds. They’re considered adults at 40 and live up to 450 years.

Major clans

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