Drusks are an insectoid alien species that go through various physical forms during their lifespans. The most commonly encountered form, an adult drusk resemble six-limbed giant spiders walking on two legs.

The Druski Empire is one of the largest cultures in the Consortium. Were drusks not divided into several rival broods, each controlled by a single drusk lord, the empire would be much more powerful than it currently is.

During its lifespan, a drusk will usually undergo two metamorphoses, and three under certain rare occasions. There are rumors of a fourth metamorphosis, but many believe that this is just the stuff of legends and old sagas.

The first phase is the nymph stage. The drusk nymphs skitter around on six legs while serving their lord mindlessly. As a drusk reaches the adult stage, they start walking on two legs, and the middle pair of limbs atrophy to form a pair of smaller assisting “hands.” They also develop their own will but are still controlled by their lords through pheromones. As a drusk adult matures, it grows resistant to its lord’s pheromones. At this point, the mature drusk adult usually faces one of the three possible fates: it submits and continues to serve its lord and retains its adult development stage, but stops growing and starts to lose its own will slowly; it will grows in size, and eventually tries to take over the control of the brood or; it abandons the brood voluntarily or is exiled from it, and retains its adult stage and free will.

All of the drusk characters are mature adults exiled from their broods.

The druski have a protective exoskeleton and they are naturally quick. They have also an excellent sense of smell and sense of pressure changes making them exceptional pathfinders and bounty hunters.

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