Biological information
Type Fey
Size Medium
Intelligence Sentient
Life span -
Sociological information
Planet of origin Various
Achieved warp -
First contact -

Drow are not unified. Politically fractured. Maybe the spider symbol is for the first or biggest house to re appear.

'Unapologetic Capitalists'. They've carved out a very specific niche in the setting as arms dealers and are not actively trying to hurt the Pact Worlds. They run their Houses like corporations and specialize in weapons/arms sales, a corporate dystopia. Drow as amoral arms dealers, willing to sell anything to anyone at any time, as long as the check clears. Women running the homeworld, men as traveling salesmen, essentially

They're actually somewhat more well integrated into Pact World society than baseline elves are, acting as arms dealers and developers, while elves have become far more isolationist. It's mentioned that elven extremists who launch attacks against them are actively condemned by Pact World governments.

With purple skin and white hair, drow are physically beautiful but merciless. Common drow form the majority of civilian and military forces and are governed by more powerful drow nobles. This strictly matriarchal culture leaves few opportunities for a common male, and training as an enforcer for a noble house or arms dealer is one of only a few ways a drow male can secure a somewhat comfortable life—if not necessarily a long one.

Drow are ruthless opponents, having no qualms about setting ambushes or luring enemies to locations where they have the upper hand. They regard ideals such as fairness and honor as pathetic gestures of lesser races, and consider all who hold such beliefs deserving of exploitation. Drow have no compunction about using other races as slaves and minions, using them as cannon fodder when exploring potentially dangerous new locations or as a line of defense that allows drow to flee to safety when an encounter turns against them.

As their economy revolves primarily around retrieving, reverse engineering, and selling weaponry from the planet-ship they have claimed as their own, drow are known throughout the Pact Worlds for having some of the finest, most cutting-edge armaments available. Their soldiers specialize in the use of ranged weapons, favoring teamwork tactics to undermine their foes’ defenses—though even an otherwise loyal sniper wouldn’t hesitate to prioritize his personal vendetta and take advantage of a clear line of fire to a rival in the chaos of a firefight.

Some drow are born with gifts beyond those of most of their kind, including greater magical power. These individuals are referred to as drow nobles, and are most commonly born to other drow nobles within the powerful ruling houses through the aid of genetic-selection technology that is tightly controlled by those houses. However, it is not unheard of for a drow noble to be born to common parents without any genetic intervention. Such gifted progeny, upon realizing their talents, typically leverage them to gain a higher position in society, whether by aligning themselves with one of the powerful houses or striking out to earn a name for themselves. Given their exceptional talents, drow nobles quickly rise through the ranks and are soon recognized for their achievements even if a few common drow happen to disappear along their path to power.

A drow noble scion of a powerful arms-dealing house might lead a branch of the family arms dealership, traveling throughout the Pact Worlds and fledgling colonies to secure buyers for the advanced technology her house produces based on the relics plumbed from their world. Other scions reinforce their noble houses’ connections with their demon lord patrons, becoming powerful mystics, or train as technomancers with a goal of unraveling the mysteries of the portal-gate at the center of Nightarch.

Since all positions of power were held by drow women for centuries, the drow have since established laws that cemented drow women as more powerful and important than men. These positions are usually held for centuries, so drow men and non-drow have very little opportunity to advance. For such individuals, the most likely way to power is through financial success or a reputation as an enforcer, assassin or spellcaster, but they have to contend with danger from both those above them and rival houses, who view them as either threats or assets to be eliminated. Because of this, ambitious midlevel managers often ask for permission from their houses to expand their operations off Apostae, allowing them to gather power away from those who would mark them as targets. Only half of such petitions succeed, but this is enough for ambitious drow.

Across the Pact Worlds system, drow are renowned for their advanced weapons. Their soldiers favor ranged weapons and undermine foes with teamwork tactics, though even the most loyal soldier would take advantage of a clear line of fire to get rid of a rival in a chaotic fight. In battle, drow are utterly ruthless and never fight fair. Honor is viewed as a pathetic gesture of lesser races deserving of exploitation.

Drow Technology

Weapons and armor

  • Cloaking armor
  • mask with vision types


Biomechanical ship you "plug" into Drow spaceships are powered by sex.

  • Fighter
  • Light cruiser


  • Spider drone for scouts and vanguard
  • Halo
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