Triaxus' two largests landmasses are the Drakelands in the western hemisphere and the Allied Territories in the eastern hemisphere, connected by an isthmus called the Skyfire Mandate. Beyond the Drakelands and Allied Territories, the next largest landmass is Ning, an island-continent located south of the Drakelands.[3]

Triaxus has three major oceans: the Sephorian Sea between the Drakelands and Ning, the Ryphara Ocean east of the Allied Territories, and the Greatwater between the Allied Territories and the Drakelands, which borders the Skyfire Mandate to the south. Major islands include Nusova and Mechuria east of Ning, the Sephorian Archipelago south of the Allied Territories, Grenloch and Tiroch off the Allied Territories' eastern coast, the Winged Isles at the centre of the Greatwater, and Weldfall further north next to the shallow Channel of Spires.[3]

Triaxus has two glaciers: the Expanse in the north and the Encroach in the south. In winter, the Encroach creeps up to southern Ning and creates land bridges across the Sephorian Archipelago, while the Expanse reaches Weldfall and covers the northern Drakelands and Allied Territories in snow.[3]

Long before the Gap, Triaxus was dominated by conflict between the ryphorians of the Allied Territories and the dragons of the Drakelands, with dragonkin fighting on both sides. As space travel developed and territorial disputes became less important, particularly after the Gap ended and the Absalom Pact was signed, the dragons of the Drakelands saw the advantages of membership and trade, and hostilities ceased.[2]

For all of recorded history, evil dragons have been the masters of the Drakelands. They employ all kinds of allies, whom they control like corporations (called dragoncorps) with themselves as CEOs, and produce all kinds of products. They nurse ancient grudges and plot against each other as much as they do offworld corporations.[4]

In the Allied Territories, numerous ryphorian nations squabble, having lost their main reason for unity since wars with the Drakelands ended. Most of them have prospered under the Pact Worlds government, with the exception of a few who refuse to modernise. Dragonkin are most common in the Drakelands and the Skyfire Mandate, living alongside ryphorians, with whom they maintain a strong connection.[2][4]

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