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Dragons are powerful, reptilian creatures of high intelligence and ingenuity. The vast majority of dragons fall into one of two categories: chromatic or metallic (though other categories exist). Chromatic dragons (see below) are usually evil, while metallic dragons are generally good and strive to better society. Some dragons develop the ability to take on the form of a humanoid or other biped to better integrate themselves into a surrounding community.

Dragons in the Drakelands of triaxus-vi enjoy positions of rulership (often as CEOs) over the second-class humanoid citizens. Inveterate schemers, Triaxian dragons are always thinking ahead, and the risks involved in working for these dragons are matched only by the potential for lavish rewards.

Types of dragons

True dragons





  • Lunar dragons, said to lair on Golarion's moon and most involved with its people among outer dragons
  • Solar dragons, aloof sun natives who rarely intercede in Golarion's affairs
  • Time dragons, rare and only appearing to intercede against temporal dangers
  • Void dragons, whose presence signals the coming of even greater distant beasts
  • Vortex dragons, who serve as emissaries for the powerful creatures and gods





Lesser dragons

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