Settled in the second great wave of Thuldan colonization, the Dragos system has always been the domain of the Candrella family. This prominent noble family was extraordinarily wealthy on Earth, and among Gregor Kent’s first supporters. When a naturally habitable world was discovered, they quickly snatched up the rights and moved in. Now Dragos is a 1st world system of 20.6 billion sentients. Renada, the capitol planet, houses the bulk of the populace, but the smaller world of Korenelli was terraformed to support the system’s expansion. Although much of the family’s hierarchy traditionally resides in the Imperial Palace back in Thuldan Prime, they all maintain alternate homes on Renada, where various lesser members permanently reside. Industries from all walks can be easily found in Dragos.
The current System Governor is Erin-Lynn Candrella (Hf/Thuldan/FA-11), an unmarried young bureaucrat who relies upon her advisors heavily in order to manage Dragos. Her cousin Jennifer Candrella (Hf/Thuldan/CS-3) is envious of Erin-Lynn’s position, and searches for a way to replace her.

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