Disintegrator Weapon

These powerful weapons are more formally referred to as highenergy
proton decouplers, as they produce streams of energized
fields that corrode and break down matter much in the way a
subatomic acid would. However, since their effects appear to
turn metal to slag, plastic to noxious vapor, and flesh to goo,
they’re commonly known as disintegrators.

Most military units eschew disintegrators due to the
weapons’ relatively short ranges and high energy consumption.
Because they cause horrific pain, however, they are popular
among bounty hunters, pirates, and other combatants who seek
to intimidate as much as to kill. Devourer cultists in particular
revere disintegrators because the weapons slough away their
enemies’ flesh, as if some unseen force were consuming it.
The most common disintegrator weapons follow a similar
model sequence: liquidator, decimator, executioner, and
eradicator. A few types of disintegrator weapons employ
alternate model sequences.

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