A dharculus inserts its
mawed tentacle ends
into corporeal planes
to feed, much like a
bear scoops trout out
of a stream. To corporeal
eyes, a dharculus’s
six tentacles appear as
a swarm of blind, snakelike creatures
sliding through the air in a deadly school
(though the shadow of the creature’s
menace is visible in dreamy outline). On the
Ethereal Plane or to those who can see across the ethereal
border, the tentacle tips all come together in a fused, wormlike
braid that forms the dharculus’s body. The posterior
end of the cylindrical body loops back toward the front like
a question mark, the end of which is a huge, drooling maw
fi lled with razor-sharp teeth. Several tentacles end in eyes
instead of maws, which the entity keeps safely ethereal to
search the Material Plane for its next meal.

The dharculus is a creature from an alternate reality far
from the Material Plane, and perhaps beyond the planar
cosmology as it is presently understood. It may be that
these creatures are dependent on some element from their
unknown place of origin; however, reports indicate that
more and more of these creatures are hunting along the
shoals of corporeal planes.
A dharculus does not speak.

A dharculus’s dual-plane existence provides it exceptional
protection against its prey, while it is free to attack
most potential victims with impunity, first by establishing
a hold with a small mawed tentacle, then by bringing
its otherwise intangible ethereal bite into play.

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