Dey­omad is a huge pur­plish-green gas giant sur­rounded by a dense ring system. Home­world of the beholder races. Aster­oids of up to size C are common here, and the behold­ers exploit most of them. The behold­ers will destroy any ship that enters Dey­omad space, so little is known about the system. Spell­jam­ming spies have reported huge aster­oids cov­ered with slaves, and others speak of strange devices under con­struc­tion.

Deyomad (TAG page 18) is inhabited by xenophobic beholders. So I suppose it is in a similar situation as Giltiond. But with the C size asteroids in its ring being rumored to be covered with slaves, I can see some players with anti-slavery PCs wanting to go there and boot out the beholders.

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