Devils are outsiders native to the plane of Carcereth. They obey a rigid hierarchy, base much of their dealings with others on strict contracts, and are always looking to gain an advantage. It is common for devils to provide mortals with great power in exchange for an eternity of torment and punishment at that devil's hands in the pits of Hell.

Devils can have guns. They prefer fire damage guns. Devils that wear armor, now wear space-age body armor.

Also, devilbound

A cyberdevil is a devil that has been enhanced through cybernetics.

A diabolith or, Devilstone, is a devil trapped in a stone pillar, unable to move, but can still perceive and use its spell like abilities.


Devils come in numerous shapes and sizes, often with vastly different abilities between types. However, all devils have some traits in common: telepathy (except for lemures and imps), the ability to see in absolute darkness, immunity to fire and poison, and resistance to acid and cold. Most devils can also summon others of their kind and shrug off attacks not made by silver or holy weapons.

Types of Devils

Abishai, Devils of Dragons

Aligned with evil dragons

Aldatezu, Devils of Deception

Shapechanging from humanoid to spaceship. Often colossal plus size.

Baatezu, Devils of Hell

Gecezu, Devils of Night

Succubus and erinyes and the females sexy devils. Can get pregnant and give live birth.

Known devils

see Archdevil

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