Biological information
Type Humanoid (Aquatic)
Size -
Intelligence Sentient (Psionic)
Life span -
Sociological information
Planet of origin Bluefall
Achieved warp -
First contact -

Hidden Truth

horrible hidden truth about the Deepfallen. The Deepfallen caused the Vanishing on Bluefall… as they are a "created race," once of of the I'krl showed up, they transported everything sentiant and alive to some other demension.

The Deepfallen were created by the Precursors. Their job was to use their incredible psionic powers to propel bored Precursors into the next dimension or multiverse or level of conciousness or whatever. They did this en masse, all of them, every single Precursor in the entire system, all at once. This was a long time ago, of course, but the Deepfallen have racial memory. They remember their job, but are not quite sure when to do it without Precursor instructions. You see, Precursors manufacture their own bodies, so you never know what they look like. So when strange looking people began coming to the Aegis system, they made a judgement call…

On July 22 2452, the entire population of the Aegis system disappeared. They called it The Vanishing. Only a select few officials on Bluefall and in the Concord know the truth. Otherwise, it's still a big mystery and the officials want to keep it that way.

The deepfallen are the creations of the Glassmakers, the precursor race whose ruins were found in the Verge in Montebron (sp?). They created the deepfallen with the express purpose of them (all, collectively) opening a dimensional rift so that the Glassmakers can "evolve/ explore/ move on" to other planes of reality (for a good primer of this concept, I highly recommend "Tangents"). The Glassmaker's ancient ememies, the Stoneburners were the ones who created the I'krl, who were later imprisoned in another dimension by the evrem, the League of Nine, and thier creator race (the specific name I don't believe was ever mentioned).

At the time of the Vanishing, the I'krl detected this, but were unprepared for it. So they contacted key members of the I'krl Theocracy, and thus the Exeat was launched. The goal: to find some sort of transmitter/ control pad to force the deepfallen to reactivate the interdimensional gate (this time, with the I'krl ready & waiting), so that the I'krl will be freed (and subsequently humanity & its allies not only in the Verge, but thoughtout the galaxy, will be up the proverbial creek without the proverbial paddle).

1) The Deepfallen were definitely created by the Glassmakers.
2) The Deepfallen definitely have some kind of mysterious power (which seems to take a concerted effort involving the entire species) to transport other beings from one plane of existence to another.
3) The Glassmakers used the Deepfallen as the gatekeepers to another universe. Most of the Glassmakers left in an earlier Vanishing similar to what Bluefall's original Orion colonists experienced. But apparently some Glassmakers or highly-evolved children of the Glassmakers also stayed behind…
4) The Deepfallen were somehow coaxed into initiating a second Vanishing…but it's unknown as to who or exactly what caused it (though it seems likely that another Glassmaker or one of their descendants came along and wanted to follow the others). The Deepfallen haven't explained who asked for it. However, they only recently reallized that the second Vanishing also catapulted all of the original human colonists living on Bluefall's surface into the same universe where the Glassmakers ventured. At the time, the Deepfallen hadn't made first-contact with humanity and didn't realize anyone was living on the islands above the waves. They've only shared this fact with a very select few among Bluefall's newest human colonists (the Regency's leaders)…who are keeping the Deepfallen's secret a mystery because they don't want to alarm the public or risk losing a chance to further understand them in the backlash that would occur if people knew the Deepfallen had unwittingly committed genocide.
5) This second Vanishing also "disturbed" the dimensional prison where the Falkri (an allied or descended race of the original Glassmakers) and the Evrem (descendants of two other Precursor races known as the Starweavers and Those Who Think) sealed away the I'krl (scions or children of the Stoneburners). The Falkri and I'krl seem comparable in their level of power and technology. But the Falkri have since disappeared (perhaps via the second Vanishing?) and the I'krl are now locked away. Only the Evrem know very much about them.
6) The I'krl are still sealed away in their prison, but have also contacted the Externals (i.e., Thaal, Sifarv, Gardhyi, etc.) and now effectively serve as the dark gods of the nation known as the I'krl Theocracy. These ancient beings seek their freedom and have guided their religious zealots into finding a way to free them by investigating the "disturbance" caused by the second Vanishing…and hopefully, cause a third one so they can finally escape.

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