Dark Group

The Dark Group is a col­lec­tion of five aster­oid clus­ters. It is all that remains of a destroyed world. Theories say the world was one of many destroyed in a vast cataclysm (or even multiple cataclysms). Strange ruins from before the destruction still remain on many of the aster­oids. All are infested with undead, who have con­sid­er­ably inhib­ited the explo­ration of the ruins. The ruins are in fact the most intact ruins of the ancient civilization that was destroyed in the cataclysm.

Despite the dangers, the Dark Group is of great interest to the Calidian Alliance, Thor and also the Illithids. Several outposts and stations have been established by each of these groups, each hoping to find rare and valuable technology, resources, power sources and materials that can only be found here.

Ghost ships and abandoned outposts overrun with undead are common here. Wights, wraiths and other undead born from pain, suffering and tragedy are the most frequent.

The aster­oid clus­ters are known as

Achemon is the only truly free clus­ter here, since Mitiar is con­trolled by the illithids.

Mysterious presence

There are unsubstantiated reports from survivors of undead raids that speak of a vague, but powerful presence within the depths of the ruins. Speculations run from ancient living gods, to unknowm Old Ones.

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