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A dry world of rocky mountains and steep basins, Daimalko
teems with monstrosities roaming the ruins of two oncegreat
civilizations, while the few remaining descendants of those
societies struggle to survive underground.

Long ago, civilization thrived on Daimalko. Tales of
enormous beasts were mere legends. In those days,
daily life focused on the conflict between the psychic
Confederation of Volkaria and the Holy Queendom of
Ykarth, a state that claimed a divine mandate from
the empyreal lord Duellona, the Warrior Maiden. Some
200 years ago, however, a month-long, planetwide
cataclysm halted the war.

The gray-skinned Daimalkans now call this event
the Awakening. As earthquakes reverberated,
the planet’s oceans evaporated and its greenery
withered. Worse, the cataclysm awakened the
beasts at the heart of the Daimalkans’ ancient
tales. Called colossi, kaiju, and other names, these
titans were gargantuan beasts like no creature
seen before, with heads made of tongues, teeth,
and other horrors. The creatures immediately set
about destroying the warring societies.

Most of the planet’s inhabitants died during the
Awakening or shortly thereafter at the hands of the
colossi. Those who survived fled into subterranean
caverns they came to call the Refuge. Though
tensions occasionally flared, nationality had
become secondary to survival. Eventually, the
underground refugee settlements grew, and leaders
emerged: the Guardians. Claiming the ability to steer
the still-rampaging colossi via mysterious magical
orbs, these Guardians have ushered small colonies
aboveground over the last 50 years.

The planet still presents tremendous dangers.
Pockets of Volkarian and Ykarthan resistance threaten
to destabilize the Refuge. What’s more, communiqué
blips received by orbiting ships indicate the existence
of distressed Volkarian or Ykarthan descendants in
ruined metropolises, though it’s unclear why the calls
remain unanswered planet side. Given recent attacks by
colossi on the colonies, plus reports from underground
settlements of coordinated attacks by skinless, eyeless
creatures, some Daimalkans actively protest any contact
with the Pact Worlds, believing that the arrival of outsiders
may be sparking a second Awakening.

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