Biological information
Type Aberration
Size Medium
Intelligence -
Life span -
Sociological information
Planet of origin Xoriat
Achieved warp -
First contact -

The daelkyr are creatures who appear as preternaturally beautiful humanoids that are native to the planet of Xoriat. They are usually neutral evil.

"This humanoid figure bears an angelic countenance, but his unworldly beauty is marred by a hideous suit of armor formed from chitin and pulsing muscle, and he carries a whiplike weapon that seems to move of its own accord. Something about the creature seems fundamentally unnatural."

Daelkyr are perceived as a perfect paragon of the same race as the person viewing them (i.e., they may look human to humans, but would look like a bugbear to goblinoids). He further explains that their true form may not be interpretable by a rational mind and the humanoid form is the nearest approximation.

Creatures created by the daelkyr on Eberron were also pushed back to Xoriat. Those include beholders, chokers, dolgarrs, dolgaunts, dolghasts, dolgrims, dolgrues, fetid fungi, grells, gricks, harpoon spiders, neogis, opabinias, ropers, runehounds, shrieking terrors, tsochars, xenostelids and xorbeasts.

The daelkyr are the lords of their world, the dimension of insanity itself. A daelkyr’s horrible touch causes disease and corruption, and its very presence can trigger madness and confusion. At least 6 of the daelkyr lords (possibly more) inhabit the mortal world. The surviving commanders of an army that invaded Khorvaire thousands of years ago, they were sealed deep in Khyber and cut off from their home plane. For millennia, the daelkyr have bided their time in the depths of Khyber, waiting for Xoriat to become coterminous to the physical world once more.

The daelkyr are immortal and endlessly patient, and their manner of thinking is almost impossible for mortals (or even other outsiders) to understand. For the daelkyr, destroying worlds appears to be a form of art, and until Xoriat and the Material Realm are again in conjunction, the daelkyr are indulging their other sordid escapades. Some are poets, musicians, or sculptors, although their works are invariably bizarre and alien to human senses. Their preferred canvas is flesh, for they are the makers of monsters. Dolgrims, dolgaunts, beholders, mind flayers, and other hideous aberrations are the legacy of the daelkyr — living weapons created to destroy life.

The subterranean citadel of a daelkyr lord usually supports a garrison of dolgrims, dolgaunt lieutenants, and illithid commanders. Each daelkyr also has its personal creations, reflecting its own aesthetic tastes. One might have a preference for oozes. Another breeds psychic vermin, while a third crafts hideous and deadly plants. Their experiments — creating new races by twisting existing creatures into new forms — take time, and can't be practically represented in game terms. A daelkyr can polymorph a creature into something else easily enough; however, creating a new species of monster such as the dolgrim takes years to accomplish.

The ancient seals placed by the Gatekeepers trap the daelkyr deep beneath Eberron and keeps Xoriat permanently remote, much less capable of becoming coterminous, but the daelkyr have not made a concerted effort to destroy these seals. Their motives are inscrutable — above all things, the daelkyr are the lords of the Realm of Madness. Insanity and corruption are the currency they deal in.

When the descriptions and lore here refers to "the daelkyr", it usually speaks of the immensely powerful lords of their kind, who are their race's equivalent to Balors and Pit Fiends and Solars. This is in large part because those are the most notable ones who became trapped in the material world, and has spent millennia residing beneath mortal civilizations and filling the realms beneath with unimaginable terrors.

But they aren't the only daelkyr, a fact which is often forgotten, if only because very few of the "lesser" ranks have been encountered since the invasion. While a few of these were also trapped here along with their masters, they aren't nearly powerful enough to make such an impression that the surface population hears about their deeds, and with the planar seals keeping Xoriat and its residents inaccessible to all but the most epic of magics there's not much chance of new daelkyr coming to the Material Plane.

As such, when someone speaks of "the daelkyr", they almost always mean the Daelkyr Lords, which are technically just one of several types, just as "succubus" is just one type of "demon".


The daelkyr are the lords of Xoriat. They are powerful creatures who can manipulate reality and warp flesh, and are kings of chaos. They were pushed back from Eberron thousands of years ago, but continue to rule Xoriat.[1]

Many creatures serve the daelkyr, and who may or may not have been created by them, though only some of them are native to Xoriat. The most powerful of them are the illithids.[1] Others include the various species of ethergaunts, who ran Xoriat on behalf of the daelkyr while they were on Eberron.[16]

Creatures created by the daelkyr on Eberron were also pushed back to Xoriat. Those include beholders, chokers, dolgarrs, dolgaunts, dolghasts, dolgrims, dolgrues, fetid fungi, grells, gricks, harpoon spiders, neogis, opabinias, ropers, runehounds, shrieking terrors, tsochars, xenostelids, and xorbeasts.[1][3][4][17][18][19]

Besides the daelkyr, other creatures call Xoriat home, including the adaru, akleu, kaorti, kyra, odopi, rukarazyll, wyste, and the various species of obyriths.[1][3][18][20] Other denizens of Xoriat include pseudonatural creatures and voidmind creatures.[1][17]

Most forms of oozes were originally created by the daelkyr, though their continued creation is at the hands of various arcane masters across Eberron.[12][14]

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