Along with rules for people who use Cybergear too much and become Cykotek maniacs.

Cybernetics Eat Your Soul: Cybernetics are an accepted part of life outside of the Hatire Community. However, overuse of some cybernetic enhancements (typically black market in origin), can turn the bearer into a cykotek. Cykoteks start out Ax-Crazy, but they gradually calm down and become more reasonable. Even in this stage though, they're much more machine than human.

Finally, let’s take a stab at making cykosis a bit more flexible. There should belots of things that could cause cykosis.However, there should also be a method oftreatment. Even cyborg wannabes must havesome friends and family who would surelyintervene when they began noticing thechanges in behavior. Perhaps law enforcementwould be more likely to force a psychologicalexamination on the more violent cyber usersthan just allow them to go cykotek and becomea real problem. Let’s choose a few of theriskier advantages and mark them with anasterisk. To balance this out, force a cykosischeck only on Critical Failures and never doleout more than one point at a time. Regardingtreatment, let’s give the player a chance toreverse the damage by enabling the hero toseek therapy for his emerging cykosis. Let’smake it expensive, though, say about five skillpoints per point of cykosis? Sure.

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