Cult Of The Devourer

The Cult of the Devourer is one of the most feared and
reviled organizations in the Pact Worlds, and clear
evidence of its ravages can be found on the fringes of
inhabited space throughout the galaxy. The cult has been
around for eons, though individual cells rarely last more
than a few decades, and its devotees wage a nonstop war to
destroy all existence in the name of their god, the Devourer.
In most cases, the cult can be thought of like a hurricane on
a low-tech world—it comes with little warning, damages or
destroys everything in its furious path, and then weakens and
breaks apart for no apparent reason.

Nevertheless, the Cult of the Devourer is more than just a
mere storm. It is a widespread interstellar and interspecies
organization plotting the downfall of all civilization as part
of a broader plan to end existence itself. Although the cult is
made up largely of anarchists, its efforts are surprisingly well
coordinated and carefully considered. Only by understanding
the underlying motives and rough organization of the cult’s
various cells, divine agents, and sects can the true threat of
the Cult of the Devourer be understood clearly.

You have embraced a nihilistic view that values nothing and
thus sees only nothingness as having value. You are devoted
to destroying the existence of all structure and form, from
individual lives to the fabric of societies and even reality itself.
You’re focused on annihilation through any means, and you
draw power from the dissolution of lives.


There is no central authority that controls the Cult of the
Devourer—no specific headquarters, no single acknowledged
leader, and no formal hierarchy. A lack of a universal set of
rules makes it difficult to even discuss the organization as
a whole in any detail—and that’s exactly how its members
like it. To the cultists, the destruction of everything is a
goal that cannot be achieved by creating new rules or
societies. The following generalities apply to most groups
that consider themselves Devourer cultists, but even these
are not hard rules.


Available as pistols (small arms), rifles (longarms), and
cannons (heavy weapons), these powerful weapons are often
referred to by the more scientific term “high-energy proton
decouplers,” as they produce streams of energized fields that
corrode and break down matter much like subatomic acid
would. However, since their effects appear to turn metal to
slag, plastic to vapor, and flesh to goo, they’re commonly
known as “disintegrators.” Devourer cultists particular revere
disintegrators because the weapons slough away their
enemies’ flesh.

Painclaw (Demonic, Draconic, Ghoulish)

This powered gauntlet has bladed spikes for fingers, which
have built-in injectors connected to three reservoirs for
storing substances used with the injection weapon special
property. A painclaw can carry up to 3 doses of a drug, an
injury poison, or a medicinal compound. Rather than trigger
the injection on the weapon’s first attack, you can choose
whether to inject one of these substances upon dealing
damage with the painclaw (and even select which material to
inject, if the three reservoirs contain different compounds). A
painclaw can inject only one substance per attack.
The hand wearing a painclaw can’t be used to hold or
operate any other weapon or piece of equipment. Donning
or removing the painclaw is a full action. A painclaw cannot
be disarmed.

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