Concord Marines
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The Concord possesses a great deal of military strength with its Star Force navy and its famed Concord Marines.

Skirmishes have proven Star Force and the Concord Marines surprisingly effective after only a few years of organization.

The Marines are the Concord’s elite force. Their motto is ‘Eager to Strike’ It’s their job to strike and hold targets on the front lines. Numbering fewer than a million, the Concord Marines make up for small numbers with a well-trained ferocity. Marines serve in planetary assaults, hazardous peacekeeping duties, and frontier defense. When the Concord expects trouble or wants to stop some-they send in the best: the Marines.

A single master academy offers the two years of training required to join. Training doesn’t end there,- the veterans that formed the Marines’ heart 30 years ago made sure that training never ends. While units and whole divisions of the CDC and even Star Force report less than combat readiness, the Marines by their very nature must be ready for a state of war at all times. In these times of peace, they practice their battle talents with the only worthy opponents-each other.

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