Concord Defense Corps
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The Concord Defense Corps, or CDC, is the principal branch of the Concord military. Numbering more than 11 million sentients under arms, its mission is defined by its motto: ‘We defend the galaxy.’ The CDC protects all settled regions of explored space, including Concord systems, planets, and stations. With bases throughout Ur Ring, the CDC stands on the front line of international conflict.

The CDC is an entirely volunteer force and has the highest turnover in the Concord military. This turnover stems from the Concordan desire to serve; doing a few years in the CDC is a common way for a citizen to realize that desire. Although this frustrates the generals who must organize this large and dispersed army, the depths of its ready reserves also mean that if the Concord ever mobilizes for war, the CDC can triple its numbers in less than a year.

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