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The best of the Concord’s servants are ordained as Concord Administrators, easily identified by the tri-staff that signifies their office. Trained to embody the best that the Concord has to offer, Administrators bear a heavy burden, as reflected by their motto: ‘Our duty is peace’

The Administrators’ history extends back to the first days of planetary colonization in the Sol system. Concerned about conflict between the multinational settlements, the superpowers of the day agreed to create the United Administrators in 2073. Controlled by an independent organization, the Administrators preserved order during humanity’s era of peace. Eventually, though, the new colonial empires and the strains of interstellar politics grew beyond the power of the Administrators to control.

With the Treaty of Concord, the Administrators were reborn. The Concord now oversees the Administrators and commissions small groups to oversee the lawless edges of humanity. By Concord law, Administrators are authorized to arrest, convict, and sentence criminals out in the lonely depths of space. Most of the tone, Administrators bring miscreants to a public trial, it’s good publicity, and it demonstrates the price of breaking Concord law. Sometimes, though, Administrators are left with little choice but to execute summary punishment.
The Galactic Concord prides itself on a rigorous training regimen that results in few abuses of power. Applicants for the honor of Administrator duty are numerous, a result of both Concordans’ willingness to support the peace and the natural ambition for such a respected position in interstellar society. Fewer lhan 1 in 100 of the applicants are invited to attend Ascension, the college of the Administrators on Concord.

Galactic Concord Administrator

AKA “Judges”

The Administrator is an agent of the Galactic Council that goes beyond the border into shadow planets and into other government’s territory if needed. It has the authority to be Diplomat, Judge, Policeman and Commander of a starship of the Galactic Concord Fleet. Only a few are chosen to be Concord Administrators and they receive the full support of their superiors. Only once can they be degraded and they can never return to that branch.

Motto: “To take the light of concord justice to shine on all corners of the galaxy.”

To protect the citizens and property of the Galactic Concord y all other forms of life.
Watch out that the laws of the Galactic Concord are obeyed.
Watch out for the stability and progress of the Galactic Concord.

2130 – The same year the Galactic Concord is born, the branch is created.

The complete organization responds to the Galactic Concord Counsel and the Galactic Concord Military but had the authority to investigate both. A Chief Concord Administrator is head of the Organization. There can be only one administrator of each race that has at least one planet as a full member of the Galactic Concord. Administrators are assigned as needed. The Concord Administrator has the title of Judge.

The mission of the Concord Administrator is to serve as ambassador, judge, police officer and controller of the Administrative Branch of the Council in all the Galactic Concord space and beyond, if needed.
The administrator will be recognized with the title of Judge and his position will he recognized with respect in any part of the Galactic Concord. He has jurisdiction to ask for the help of any personnel of any government and military position on the Galactic Concord. He needs to identify himself as a Concord Administrator, and what he’s asking for helps him in an official mission. The help will be provided only if the following premises are meet:

The resources or personnel are occupied in another mission that has the same level of importance or more (at the discretion of the commanding officer).
Re-assigning the resources or personnel will place others in danger or their regular responsibilities will be affected.

Personnel from all the military branches can offer as volunteers to help the Concord Administrator, If this happens the local commander should provide the equipment for the volunteer as long as the factors above are meet.

The Concord Administrator has the capacity of make recommendations to any personnel of the Galactic Concord and to give merits to those who earn them. The merits given by a Concord Administrator are considered “Special Commendations”.

The Concord Administrator has Access to classified data and even personnel files needed to complete his investigation. He can achieve higher SECLAR if the Chief Concord Administrator or other high level officer provide it.

Reputation – As a member of the order the character gains a + 4 reputation bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks. People respect the individual power of a judge and all of them as an order.

Resources – See description above under organization.
Tri-Staff- The weapon of choice of the Concord Administrators and their mark of position.

Perfectly clean criminal record. The person has to be a citizen of the Galactic Concord and represent a race with one or more planets. The person must fulfill the Concord Administrator pre-requisites.

Known Members:
Chief Judge or Chief Concord Administrator
Aeleria Miralis – Dralasites

Aider – Android
Alodin Justicesword – Dwarf
Galaxina – Android
Javin Lehlot – Human
Mote – T’sa
Vodo-Soisk Bass – Vrusk

Judges in Training:
Haver Staad – Human
Thea – Pahtra

Judge – This is the common title for a Concord Administrator.

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