Charge Weapon

The final evolution of the conventional firearm, charge weapons replace the old firing-pin mechanism of earlier guns with an electrical action. Charge weapons are sturdy, reliable and cheap compared to more advanced personal weapons, and are still extremely popular in many regions.

The most common weapon in military inventories to this day, the charge rifle and its cousins provide an excellent combination of range,rate of fire,hitting power,durability and affordability.While more powerful energy weapons are beginning to replace the charge rifles,few can provide more firepower at a better price.

The first firearms invented by nearly every technologically
inclined civilization involve propelling a solid projectile by means
of some kind of explosive force. The design and production of
such weapons typically improves over time, keeping projectile
weapons relevant in the face of more advanced technology, as
they are relatively simple, reliable, and affordable—yet offer a
range of firepower to suit nearly every need.

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